Xmas cruise questions

Does Disney ever discount the Xmastime cruises at the last minute–the ones that actually happen when kids are out of school Dec 22 - Jan 1? I’m thinking of the military discount but any info would be useful. It seems that all of those are already sold out for interior and oceanview so I’m assuming these would not be the kinds that would ever be discounted.

I recommend this enduring thread on DIS.

Very slim chance that the cruise(s) including Christmas and/or NYE will be discounted. Sorry!

That’s what I expected. Thanks! Also, is it unbearably crowded to cruise during that time? Like most people, I would find that timing ideal for the warmer climates like the Bahamas. I worry that if we went during summer it would be unbearably hot at the ports and on deck. The only other option (for a cruise longer than 3 nights) is spring break and ours is always going to start with Easter weekend, which is a popular time to have a spring break. At the moment I’m thinking the best option for a first cruise is to take only my daughter (who is so young that missing a day of school isn’t that big a deal) during the Jan - Feb timeframe for just a 3 night cruise).

Well, the one thing to keep in mind is the ships have a firm capacity based on life boat seats. Disney ships sail full or close to it the majority of the time. So there is not really a huge difference crowd-wise.

The biggest difference you will see is on Castaway Cay - it will be less crowded with the Classics (Magic and Wonder) than with the Dream Class (Dream and Fantasy) simply because of the Classics having a smaller capacity.

I know a lot of people try a 3-night to begin, but really those are so rushed with everyone trying to do everything (pro tip: you can NEVER do everything) that you really don’t get a good feel for cruising. If I can help it, I do not go less than 5. I will do 4 if there is absolutely no other option, but it is sooooo short. With a 3-night you might as well not even unpack - just live out of your suitcase.

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I completely agree with you. I had decided to do nothing shorter than the 4 day but then realized I could fit it into school if only 3 day…solo for me is also a very attractive option. :smile: I think if I wait for a good time when my husband agrees for all of us to try this it will be a year or more. I’m going to figure out many possibilities and then wait for discounts. If i.go and love it I will sign up for a placeholder for a future cruise.

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