WWYD? Towncar vs. Bus

I booked Tiffany town car to pick us up at MCO and stop at a grocery store then to the Dolphin Hotel. They told me they can only do 2 5-point harness car seats in the van and a booster for my oldest. I still have him in a 5-point at home and am hesitant to put him in a booster. He just about makes the weight for a booster.

So I considered just doing a Mears bus and having groceries delivered. Nope… no grocery services deliver to the Dolphin.

So now I dont know what to do. Stop being an overly protective mom and have my oldest go in a booster? Take the bus and pack food in a suitcase and just buy more meals at the parks?

If you are really concerned, it might be worth renting a car. Likely not much more than a town car. Plus no limits on your time at the store and no taking our shopping food. The drive from the airport is very easy and there are several nearby stores.

Agree with @Outer1, rent a car. Bring your seats if you like, stop at the grocery store on your own timetable. We use our rental everyday, especially with little ones it is so nice to leave the parks and get into your own quiet, uncrowded car (versus the noisy, crowded buses). If opposed to a car, I would just put your oldest in a booster.

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