WWYD—switching park days

We (me, DH, our moms, and 3 kids under 5) will be at WDW April 19-25 and I’ve made our dining reservations. We were planning to be at the parks

4/19- AK, PM only
4/20- EP
4/21- HS
4/22- AK, AM only
4/23- MK
4/24- MK
4/25- no park, flight leaves MCO @5

However, I’m looking at fast passes for MMRR being totally gone by 60+2 and maybe switching it with Friday at MK (ADRs can both be moved, my Thursday ADR is CRT and unable to be moved).

Both parks have higher predicted CLs on the other days (HS would go from 3 to 4 and MK from 4 to 6). I haven’t been to WDW in decades so I’m not sure if those are differences I’ll feel or not.

The MK ADR (crystal palace) we could do at the exact same time, 12:20 either day. The HS ADR (Disney jr breakfast) would be 40 min earlier (10:15 to 9:35).

We could also skip our half day at AK on arrival day and do a morning at HS instead. I do have a Tusker House ADR that evening but it looks like I could move it to Wednesday evening as well.

What would you do?

ETA, our group will be skipping all Star Wars attractions and FoP at AK, so none of that factors.

ETAA, we would also be giving up EMH at MK on Friday. With 2 days there and kids who aren’t super early risers anyway, I don’t know how much I care about that.

My FPP day was Saturday and I ended up having to reconfigure plans adding an extra evening at HS that I wasn’t anticipating. It was the first day I could get MMRR and it was 60+2 with only evening availability. Our first HS day (60+1) we can probably manage to wait for MFSR, but I didn’t want to to spend the rest of the day waiting in line for MMRR, too.
IF it’s important to you to get MMRR fpp, then you may have to go for it. I’m hoping for an announcement that HS will open at 8am instead of 9 so maybe I can get either an MFSR or MMRR fpp for our 60+1, but I’m not 100% convinced that’s a possibility.

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Hmmm…maybe that extra morning is our best bet (60+6). It would take some pressure off of that first day too since for day 1 I could prioritize TSL and day 2 we could do MMRR and my mom and I could do TOT and RnR with fast passes and not have to worry about trying to pick them up on the fly.

Does anyone know what time MDE would pick us up for the airport for a 5pm flight? I know it’s pretty early, but could we count in staying in the park until noon?

Wait until your actual FPP are made @TacoBelle20. That may shake up more things around.

Right, but I need to at least decide what days I’m looking for them :joy:

I’d still recommend looking for what you really can’t miss on all days and rearrange accordingly. But I’m paranoid and always feel I’m missing the perfect FPP if I don’t check everything.

Ok, I see what you’re saying. Make the decision about switching days as I’m grabbing fast passes instead of only giving myself 1 option going in.

You worded it better than I amiga! That’s exactly what I meant!

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MDE picks up 3 hours before domestic flights and 4 hours before international flights.

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Thank you!

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I think I’d make the switch.

I just made a TP with an evening MMRR (I put in 6:30) and it’s really not bad. If I could get someone to take the smaller ones back right after then we could even ride SDD with what looks like a reasonable wait.

I got my email that I can make FPP selections tomorrow and got suddenly nervous :joy:. I think I have everything figured out except MK, so I’ll be back later to ask y’all what order I should be working in.