WWYD? Sept or Dec 2019

Hi all! This is my first post but I’ve been lurking for a while, since I started planning my first trip as an adult for October of last year.

I’m a solo traveler (boyfriend hates to travel and I actually prefer solitude) with a demanding job that I love and that allows me the opportunity to splurge a bit.

That trip was largely a success, but left me with conflicting feelings on a return trip - I was considering a bounceback but couldn’t come to a decision while I was there. The “pros” were that I absolutely loved planning (almost to an addiction level), and had an amazing time while there. Cons were the heat (NYC can be humid but not like that), and my general anxiety at being away from work. Spoiler alert: I already have on planned for Feb. 5, exactly 30 days from today.

Since I planned this trip on “short notice” (by Disney standards only!), I wasn’t able to get all the ADRs I wanted. I also have been reading so much about holidays at Disney… so I went ahead and planned another trip for just after Thanksgiving: four nights at Wilderness Lodge with 2 days of park tickets (no hopper.)

However! Reading about SWGE opening has caused me a bit of panic. Splurging for WL, imagining my delight at the Candlelight Processional, (hopefully) finally scoring a brunch ADR at California Grill — my relaxing trip started to feel threatened by Star Wars chaos.

Enter the current promotions. After a ton of searching, I booked a five night stay in mid-September at Pop Century (where I stayed last year, and found more than acceptable.) With an upgrade to the Disney Deluxe Dining plan and four night park hopper, this trip is $400 less than the December trip. Deluxe Dining seems like borderline insanity for someone who normally eats one meal a day — but since I do drink, and there are at least 5 “signature” restaurants I’d like to try, and it’s Food & Wine time — it has its appeal!

So here’s my question to you: What would you do? I can technically afford both but it’s quite excessive (4 Disney trips in under 18 months?!?) I’m afraid if I plan out both and the SWGE opening is past my December dates, I’ll feel too attached to cancel. I also have major concerns about my ability to chow down in sweltering heat. Should I just stick with December and ignore all news of SWGE so I don’t panic?

Please help me decide!

The first thing that jumps out at me is trying to use all those TS credits during F&W when what you really need are snack and QS credits. I am a big chicken about hurricane season, but had a great visit during October to F&W. I think I would still lean toward your December dates and just avoid HS.

Having been to Orlando twice in the past two years, once in September (last year), and once in November (of 2017), I’d stick with your December trip. Sept was SO HOT – surface of the SUN, hot. We canceled more than a couple TS reservations because we were just Too Pooped and didn’t feel like having a big meal after spending all day melting in the heat.

It sounds like you’ve got pretty great plans for December. And from what I’ve heard (though maybe there’re new updates?), it sounds like SWGE won’t open until almost Christmas. So I bet you’ll be fine. That’s what I’d do!

(p.s. Hiiii from a fellow NYCer!)

Thank you!! You both confirmed what my heart and the logical part of my brain was telling me to do. I’m just a sucker for a good deal!

I also thought SWGE was safely opening in late December… but reading too much speculation here and on other boards has me confused and nervous!

I’m also kind of obsessed with Disney dining and considering adding the deluxe plan to my December trip! Even if it’s crazy busy, I can distract myself with pigging out!