WWYD: NYE at Disney or Jan1-4?

Hi all, I scheduled a somewhat spontaneous trip to DL for Dec 30 - Jan 2. However, I noticed that if I move the reservation to Jan 1-Jan 4, we can save about $800. We’re planning to spend 5 nights in CA – 3 at DL and 2 at the beach. Never been to DL over the Christmas holidays before so really looking forward to the decorations, etc. Will NYE be magical and worth it? Or will it be crazy and would the crowds be a little lighter the first week of Jan? Love to hear your expert advice! thx

no expert advice… just thinking about what you can do w/ an $800 savings :exploding_head:


My NYE experience at DL was not what I expected, granted it was several years ago. I’d take the $800 savings and push the trip a few days.


Thanks to both of you for the input! I agree. I’ve switched our dates and as a bonus, the GCH was only a smidge higher so we’re going to try that hotel out for the first time. Typically we stay (and love) DLH.


I’m glad you switched! We’ve never been NYE’s but the advice I’ve seen about NYE is after about 5pm either plan to hop to DCA and enjoy a much less crowded (but still relatively busy) night or stay in whatever area of DL you are in until the fireworks go off (midnight!), and definitely don’t plan to navigate Main Street as it will be completely gridlocked with jam-packed crowds for fireworks viewing.

Having navigated Main St. on several close to capacity (but not quite full capacity) days and hearing that NYE is the ultimate worst day for this, I don’t think I’ll ever be in any hurry to be in DL for NYE.

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