WWYD - Need Opinions!

I did something similar for a Universal trip. Except I took three days off and worked from the hotel for two days. Trip was 9 days, That worked well for me since I need my rest days. So, I truly rested. Hotel was super cheap.

What about Frozen at HS? I bet they’ve integrated funnies around C-19 and masks

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Ok here’s my dream plan:

Wednesday = Hollywood Studios, arrive around 5 pm, park close is 7 pm

  • ToT, RnRC, walk through TSL (ride SDD or TSM if time), grab a blue milk, and hop in line for MFSR just before park close

Thursday = EPCOT, arrive around 5 pm, park close is 7 pm
I have a 6:50 Teppan Edo reservation (not sure I will keep it)

  • Ride Spaceship Earth and Soarin’, see if you can squeeze in Gran Fiesta or FEA, then browse pavilions until your reservation

Friday = Magic Kingdom, arrive around 4 or 4:30, park close is 8 pm
I do have a CRT reservation at 7:50

  • Ride Splash, BTMRR, and Pirates. Ride any Fantasyland rides you can squeeze in until your reservation.
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Just got back yesterday and here is what I ended up with:

Hollywood Studios - I cleared most of my meetings for the day (and have a boss who loves Disney so that helped!) and got to the Studios around 1:30.
I was able to snag a last minute ADR for Minnie’s Halloween Dine. I was also able to get a BG at the 2:00 drop.
So, I ended up doing RotR and Slinky Dog. I was on a shopping mission for DH in SWGE so spent a lot of time in the stores. I have a lot to say about my RotR experience - they purposefully routed the line through the backstage areas. It totally broke the theming. They were testing this due to the long lines and more capacity of the ride (they installed plexiglass in the ride vehicles). They also added plexiglass to the briefing room and transport. Glad they are increasing capacity but it is definitely at the cost of the theming and experience itself.

EPCOT - ended up working for most of the day (I did see the Air Force flyover from my balcony at Riviera!) and entered IG at 4:45. I did a lap around world showcase, checked out the AP pop up store, rode Soarin. I was going to ride SE but it was down. Ended the night with Teppan Edo.

MK - Again, thanks to my boss, most of my meetings were cleared so I headed to MK and arrived at close to 2 or 2:30. I rode HM, POTC, Peter Pan. Ended the night at CRT and stayed until they were kicking people out of the park - around 9:45.

@ppehap I highly recommend working from Disney. Depending on how things go, if I can find a great deal, I will do it again. I would recommend bringing a mifi/hot spot because I found the hotel wifi wasn’t the best. The hardest part was arrival day - to know that I had to go straight to the hotel and work (and not go to the park immediately) was really really tough. But, it was so nice to have a change of pace and go to the parks in the evening to just do leisurely things!

Not sure I will do a full trip report but here are some of my favorite pictures:
My work set up

Not a bad office view

But the parks are too hard to resist!

Minnie’s Halloween Dine was fun and had surprisingly good food

I got to see Winnie the Pooh - so cute

Plexiglass dividers at Teppan Edo

MK Day
But first, breakfast before a morning of conference calls
Lemon Blueberry Pancakes

I still don’t love the pink of the castle during the day


The castle in the late afternoon/early evening is much nicer (I think), a much softer pink

At dusk

At night - gorgeous!


I was supposed to fly out at 11 on Saturday morning but while I was at dinner, DH text me to say that the new Ahsoka Tano lightsabers were released that night and Ashley Eckstein signed 300 of them to go on sale the next morning. DH is a HUGE Star Wars fan so I immediately booked a HS park reservation (I couldn’t believe there was availability at 8:30 the night before), booked a 7:35 reservation at Ale & Compass so I could walk to HS. Back at the hotel I asked for a later checkout and rearranged my DME reservation and rebooked by flight (thank you Southwest!). I was determined to get those autographed lightsabers for DH. The staff at the Riviera was amazing in helping me get things rearranged.

Ale & Compass breakfast (so so good). I checked in early, ordered quickly, ate quickly and was out the door by 7:45.

The sun coming up over crescent lake

Arrived at HS at 8:00 and was second in line!
They walked us to temp check at 8:45
This was the crowd by 9:00

They let us through temp check at 9:10 and I was one of the first in the park and made a B-line to SWGE and Dok Ondor’s.
But I noticed Christmas ornaments in Echo Lake and had to stop for some pictures

I was third in line at Dok’s
Empty Galaxy’s Edge

Mission accomplished!! There were only 300 autographed lightsabers and a limit of 10 per person, so I am sure the eBay pirates were out and scooped them all up but I was happy to get mine

I then did what probably no one else has done - by 9:45 I left Hollywood studios :slight_smile:
I spent a wonderful, peaceful couple of hours sitting outside at the Riviera just enjoying the fabulous weather

Then sadly, it was time to go

Next trip countdown: 39 days!


So jealous of this! Lucky DH! I’m a big Star Wars / Ahsoka / Clone Wars / Ashley Eckstein fan! Also glad you got a BG at the 2pm drop!

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You got some really GREAT pictures! Nice eye! I am thinking harder about working a few days from the world… :grimacing:

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