WWYD: MK days - late breakfast or late lunch at BOG? Help me figure out my schedule!

I need some advice as my ADR day will be here before I know it! So we will be at WDW in Sept Thurs - Monday. Tentative hours and dates have EMH for MK on Friday and I was hoping to get EMM on the following Sunday. Both days are party days so MK closing early. We will not be doing the party and and est CL is a 1.

Couple of questions:

  1. Would you do a late breakfast or a late lunch at BOG (our first time) given no dining plan and hot temps on the EMH day (Friday) or really any other day if I switch it up?
  2. How would you break up attractions and rides. I know FL and TL are open for EMH (i think, also a first as never stayed onsite before now). And will hopefully be doing those rides again during EMM on Sunday.

I like the idea of the Friday and Sunday CL at MK, but maybe I need to switch my other MK from Friday to another?

I was thinking this:
Thur - arrive MCO 9:30am- DME to Pop, drop off carry-ons, then head over to Blizzard Beach. We have the + option thought MVT that allows 1 admission. Then back to POP after a few hours, rest, then head to AK for the evening.
Friday - EMH MK tour until it’s too hot we can stand it. Back to resort to rest, pool, the hop to another park. not sure which yet
Saturday - Epcot - PPO GG - Soarin then run to FEA, then FP for TT, then tour FW until again it’s too flipping hot, resort to rest, pool, etc. Then another park in the afternoon, evening.
Sunday - MK - EMM - tour until it’s too hot again, back to resort, rest, hop to another park.
Monday - HS - EMM - also check out day. do a few shows after TSL EMM, then back to POP to catch Magical Express.

A few things to note:
*if we miss fireworks, not a big deal, DD8 doesn’t like the noise. Was thinking of a ADR in Epcot somewhere to possibly watch, maybe Mexico?
*We don’t need to account for Space, Splash, EE, FOP (ducking for cover as I type this) EE, ToT, RR. My daughter absolutely will not ride these rides as I will not either…well most of them anyway.
*I usually follow a touring plan to a T in the am and then wing it afterwards.
*DD would like to spend some time in AK working on her WE badges. We only have the ones from Rafiki’s so far. I know we won’t accomplish that on the Thursday afternoon/evening along with everything else.
*She says she wants to go to World Showcase, I don’t know if she realizes what that entails. And it will be F&W over a weekend, I don’t really drink, so not worried about that and don’t want to get involved with the crazies over the weekend at Epcot.
I know I don’t have a full rest day but she was fine last April when we went pretty hard core from rope drop to late evening for 4 day straight. I am thinking the rest in the afternoon will be good. But it wasn’t hotter than the surface of the sun hot when we went last.

Honestly if I wasn’t worried about fitting in a visit to the water park this would probably be easy.

So, suggestions, thoughts, etc. Tell me what you would do.

EMH MK AM - I did Tomorrowland since I was able to knock out most of Fantasyland during my EMM.

I’ve never done BOG breakfast, but I have done lunch. Lunch was loud and not relaxing, at all. If you do EMH that day, by late breakfast time, I’d be hungry and ready to eat…

Was the food any good? I know it’s not a great value esp on the dining plan, but my DD will love the rooms and eating in the castle.
Also so drinks are included with breakfast I guess but not with lunch? And I can order whatever I want also I think. I was looking at the kids grilled cheese and soup but why would I want soup when it’s 100 degrees outside. I am not helping myself with these decisions. LOL

Since we aren’t doing Space really the only thing in Tomorrowland is Buzz and Speedway. Is the People mover open that early?
I think I would feel weird not doing any Fantasyland rides on one day but I guess we may have to do it that way.

I have another question - what ADR’s have you been able to get last minute? I don’t want to spend a lot of time and money on ADR’s if my kid isn’t going to eat much. But with the high temps it may be worth it to snag some the day before or even the same day.

I’m just going to answer the BOG question. I would do lunch. It is so much better than breakfast. We thought the breakfast would not be worth it OOP. We did PPO on the dining plan and the only thing we liked about it was getting on 7dmt before RD. My whole family enjoyed lunch there and plan on going back for lunch only our next trip.

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Seeing the rooms and exploring the castle is the allure, in my opinion.
I don’t recall if People Mover was open or not. Carousel of Progress is though :slight_smile:
EMM is great! Now that it’s expanded, you can do a lot more rides!

Always forget about COP! Thanks for the reminder.

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We’ve only done lunch at BOG. I really enjoyed the potato leek soup and the grilled cheese was good too. And it’s cheaper than breakfast, so that would be my pick.

Yeah that’s what I am leaning towards i think…

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As you aren’t on the DDP I’d do lunch at BOG over breakfast. I wouldn’t do the Waterpark on your arrival day, as you’ll want to arrive before it opens at 10am. I would do the waterpark on your EP day. Consider La Hacienda or Cali Grill for inside views of the fireworks, that won’t feel loud or crowded.

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Water park will close at 5 when we go the last weekend in Sept so was trying to get there early, spend a few hours and then come back and rest for a little bit. I am trying to avoid doing Epcot during the hottest part of the day. And tying to figure out the Tier 1 rides at Epcot. Single rider line not an option for TT.

Lunch at BOG is a better value than breakfast if you are paying out of pocket. I think the food at lunch is better too.

Oh, so many especially the night before. On our trip a couple of weeks ago I snagged an ADR for Storybook Dining the night before (and it was at 6:35pm). We also got an ADR for Akershus a couple of days before the trip. In December I got a PPO ADR for GG the night before. And all of these I did by searching myself. The ADR finder has also been awesome in the weeks leading up to our trips and even on our trips.

Well dD has turned her nose up at the lunch choices at BOG. I’ve got about 40 more days to work on her. LOL

So I reworked my plans last night. Now I am thinking about doing Epcot on arrival day, to include WS and hopefully not die of heat exhaustion. And that would involve a wait for FEA if I get a FP for TT as well as a small wait later in the early evening for Soarin. But not much. Then Friday - EMH MK until about 1 or 2 or again until we are so hot we can’t stand it Then rest, then maybe hit up AK that evening. Then Sat we can sleep in, (not a lot but a tiny bit) and rope drop Blizzard Beach. Hopefully not spend all day, then back to Pop to rest and maybe finish up at AK that evening. Then continue on at MK for Sunday and HS Monday. I may even consider going to HS Fri or Sat evening so we can experience TSL at night.

Anyone have thoughts on transportation for Pop to Blizzard Beach? Does it involve a transfer anywhere? Maybe we get a Minnie Van that morning.