WWYD: lower crowds or express passes?

We’re doing a split-stay w/ a WDW trip, Dec 14-26. Original plan was to stay at WDW Dec 14-22, UOR partner hotel Dec 22-26 (with 3 day tix), but go to UOR on 12/14 due to much lower estimated crowd levels (2-3 vs 8-9), and then on Dec 24-25. We’re huge Potterheads. But we just upgraded to the RPR and will get “free” express passes, but we can only use them the 22-26. So should we still go on the 14th without express passes, or swap some days around and go the 23-25? Kids are 9 & 7, LOVE rollercoasters but DD7 is only 47" tall (with shoes, dang it!). Thanks!

I would stick to you original plan and go to Universal 12/22-26. I would not suggest going without express passes and early entry, regardless of crowd levels. This is a personal choice though. We have always had them, so don’t think we would be happy being in the parks without them. Plus we like to finish one set of parks before moving to the other. Neither are bad choices though, you will have a great trip regardless. If you do decide to go 12/14 I would spend that day doing all the Harry Potter things that will likely be very crowded closer to Christmas.