WWYD Jan 4

We are visiting family in Clermont, FL about 25 mins from WDW this January.

We could swing one day at WDW on January 4 before we have to head home up north. It’s a 10 day crowd level and we are not staying on property so no way of getting the advanced 60 FPP.

Is it silly to try to squeeze in a day at HS? Are those CL 10 days horrible and painful? Or is it still fun and worth the $ investment? We will likely be going with family so a little bit of a larger crowd too which slows things down even more.

I know Disney is usually always a good idea but I am hesitant about the CL 10 with a two little ones one of them being a 3 year old.

Hard to say. But because of when New Year’s Day falls, I’m guessing a lot of folks don’t have to return back to school until the following week, which is why the crowds persist.

UT puts the CL at a 9…BUT Magic Kingdom (assuming that is the park you wish to visit) has EMH that day, to it is probably going to be particularly busy of all the parks.

Personally? I wouldn’t recommend it. But if you won’t have any other opportunity to go in the next year or so, then maybe.

You might want to wait a year or two more, when your youngest is old enough to remember the trip. At three, you will remember it…but other than through pictures, they won’t.

I say never pass up an opportunity to go if you can! Even if you can’t fit everything in, you can still have fun. We were at HS on a CL10 day this past Easter break, and with a plan in place we still were able to do almost everything with hardly any waits! We were there at Rope drop and stayed through Fantasmic. The shows are all great, and you should be able to get most Fastpasses except SDD I would think. Good luck!

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Okay. It helps if I fully process your post. I see you explicitly said HS, not MK. :slight_smile:

That would make my answer a bit different. I would still be hesitant, but more willing to go for it. I’d be more concerned about ages of the kids and what they will do, but with decent planning you could still do it. Whether it is worth the cost or not I cannot answer since I don’t know your financial tolerance.