WWYD: Hollywood Studios with meal/show

We currently have pre RD breakfast reservations at hollywood and Vine (Disney Jr Characters) associated with Fantasmic package in order to sign up for Jedi Training. Showed the 4y/o a video of Jedi Training and he’s not interested, though he often becomes interested only after arriving and seeing others do things. We have also already seen Fantasmic couple yrs ago.

Other option is late entry to HS and do the Star Wars Dessert Party and see the star wars show. Not everyone in our party of 6 is huge star wars fans, but do plan on seeing Launch Bay anyway. Having trouble finding an late afternoon/evening “snack” that would be a good option before the dessert party.

We plan to keep lunch reservations at SciFi Drive In regardless. So…keep the preRD H+V to sign up for Jedi Training and stick with Fantasmic, or switch to late entry SW Dessert party and get a snack somewhere counter service in HS?

I would do the late entry plan with the SW dessert party. That sounds like a much more relaxing day to me.

I agree. Have a later start. With a 4 year old I wouldn’t want to have to be up for a PPO breakfast and stay for Fantasmic.

Have a bit of pool time first, then head off to the park.