WWYD? FP+/RD decisions for Fantasyland in March

Booking FP+ this wknd, trying to get rough plans organized! We have a pre-RD 8:10 am BOG res for mid-March (still says 9 am opening); we are staying onsite & visiting MK more than once, but this is our longest / Fantasyland focus day. Would you choose to (a) FP+ or (b) start your day with:: ETWB, PP, 7DMT, or A&E?

Have 2 DD (6&9), they’re up for anything, just trying to decide which route to go & hopefully can FP other things we want. Oh- staying in park all day, also have CRT booked for supper. Thx very much!

I would FP+ ETWB, 7DMT, & A&E, but not before 11am. I like to do 2 hrs of quick attractions with short lines, as much as possible. ETWB takes longer so would eat up your morning time. 7DMT and A&E will have growing lines even at 9am, so would eat up more time than other choices. If you schedule all your FP+ by mid-afternoon, you’ll have time to get and use a 4th FP+.

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Thx for your info - I’m trying to plan as “logically” as I can, but without too much experience (our only other visit before this year was one day in MK, prior to both 7DMT & FP+ ;)), sometimes I find it a little overwhelming! Your reasoning makes sense to me!!

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My experience is no more recent than yours, but our trip is in Feb so I’m a month ahead of you in planning things out :slight_smile: If you put a bunch of things into a personalized touring plan it’ll help you order them to make the most of your precious morning time.


I have totally no advice because our first trip is in April, but I would love to hear a report on what FPP you go with and how your day goes !

We have a very similar day in April for our 2nd MK day: CRT pre-RD 8:25, park opening 9am and BOG dinner at 6:25 and I am thinking a Fantasyland heavy day that same day for sure.

Good luck with your selections!

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Thanks, and good luck to you, too! I know that whatever we get to, it’ll still be a great day…just trying to make the most of our options! :slight_smile:

If your BOG stays pre RD I would go to 7DMT, PP, ETWB, Pooh, and then use my FPs for later and attractions I may want to do them or repeats.

The best FPP selections really depend on the specific things you want to do on that day, so figure out the attractions you want to do and then put them in a personalized TP and optimize it. This will then help you determine the best FPP reservations to make. Check out Making Optimized Personalized Touring Plans with FastPass+ for tips on how to do this.

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Thanks to you both, @PrincipalTinker & @brklinck! I’ve been optimizing like a crazy woman this morning, and I think I’m fairly happy with my outline. I agree with trying to use the a.m. to our advantage - no sense wasting the FP on a time that it won’t be as needed. And I think really focusing on the most desired attractions has helped me trim the fat this morning, lol!

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@jumully I’m interested did you start from scratch on your TP? Or did you incorporate one of the existing TP’s and then customize it? If so, which plan did you work off of? I’m wondering since your DD’s are close to my kids age.

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Hi there - I definitely looked at the existing TPs, but ultimately built one of my own for each park day we’re doing…DH would say it’s because of my need for Total Control, lol :wink:

Mainly I stuck to things I think we’ll all enjoy - none of us are huge rollercoaster ppl, but we’re planning to try BTMR, Splash, 7DMT all once, for ex - also, we’re hoping to meet some characters, & for us, Table Service meals play an impt part of our day. As I mentioned above, we only have one day’s experience, from a few yrs ago (and then we mainly stuck to Fantasyland & Main St); so most of this is new planning for me (esp all the other parks!!), so really focusing on my girls’ interests & length of days I think they can handle.

That’s OK, because there are no huge rollercoasters at WDW :wink:

Lol…you’re right, although my non-daredevil kids would disagree, haha!!