WWYD - DHS on a Sat or Sun?

So as much as I’m a huge fan of Southwest, they’ve continued to throw wrenches into my plans by canceling my nice direct flights. So instead of heading home at 7:30pm we now need to leave at 4:30pm. We had originally planned to do our second DHS day on Sunday, 10/25 and head to the airport straight from the park. But now we would need to leave at 2pm and I’m worried that that’s a waste of a park day. Also, if we don’t get a BG on Tuesday, this is my second chance and I would hate to have to leave before we get called.

We have a rest/pool day built into our plans on Saturday 10/25 just because we wanted to really explore Wilderness Lodge and I know Saturdays are the busiest days at the park. Do I swap my pool day with my DHS day? There are still park reservations available and I think my dining is flexible enough.

I’d do the swap for the reasons you stated. You can hang out by the pool & unwind that last 1/2 day

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Yes I would swap for sure. I’d also be spending that entire last 1/2 day looking at my watch and stressing about when we had to leave. Wouldn’t be enjoyable at all.

Another person for swap. Saturday you will have a full day vs a half day on Sunday.

Agree on the swap! Even if its slightly busier on Sat vs Sun, you’ll be able to do more since you don’t have to leave in the early afternoon.

Thanks everyone! I think I just needed affirmation. It also makes more sense from a DME standpoint.

Keep in mind that HS has been hitting max capacity (in terms of park reservations) across all entry types on weekends, so there shouldn’t be any noticeable difference between a Saturday and a Sunday at HS. The other parks are a different story.