WWYD: Citricos or Skipper Canteen

This is coming from someone with 0% Greek heritage that named her daughter Athena :grin:


I don’t know honestly. The Swiss side married the English side so it’s not like they married the German side which would help. I also found out on my British side I’m related to Lizzie Borden. My 9th great grandparents are her 3rd great grandparents. I told my parents to be nice to me.

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I had had that happen several times with Citricos lately. But only that one. Very weird.

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Maybe it only happens to Jennys?

I threw another option into the mix. Brunch at Steakhouse 51 (haven’t been since this restaurant changed names) at 12:25pm after which we could take the monorail over to Grand Flo and check out the gingerbread house and then take the monorail over to get to MK by 3pm (sounds like that gets us to front of the line for 4pm entry which might happen earlier). It just got complicated. But this is a little bit of best of both worlds with a nice leisurely start to the day and a full party time period.

Does Poly do anything for Christmas? Should we stop there if we go this route which I’m leaning to now.

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OK this sounds like a great idea actually.

Do it this way

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I like this option.

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Yup, it just feels right! I bumped up the rezzie to noon too to give us more time in Grand Flo if we need/want. Sometimes you just get a :bulb:

And I’m doing a trip next 10/29-11/4 in Fort Wilderness so I can hopefully grab a boat at that time and hit up some of the monorail dinners like Citricos then. There’s always future trips!


Definitely a great plan!!

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