WWYD: Christmas

I only have one official vacation day left this year but company gets off 12/25-1/1

Option 1:

12/19 fly to WDW late after work with 11pm arrival.
12/20 Work during day from hotel (I’m remote) and then attend Jollywood Nights
12/21 Epcot FOTH Day 1 (Mexico–>Germany) with Candlight Processional Dining Package lunch and Nine Dragons dinner (checking off list places I’ve yet to dine) focusing on all the holiday activities like finding Olaf, cookie stroll at booths in these areas and the holiday and other live performers. Also playing all the DuckTales in these countries. And seeing Candlelight Processional of course since dining package.
12/22 Work during day from hotel and then attend MVMCP
12/23 FOTH Day 2 with focus on Italy → Morocco lunch at Via Napoli and dinner at Takumi Tei
12/24 FOTH Day 3 with focus on France → Canada with brunch at La Creperie and dinner at Monsieur Paul
*On those Epcot days I would also want to fit in Moana walk thru, a nighttime ride of LWTL for it’s Christmas decorations, and seeing Figments sweater and GotG of course in the former Future World (much easier than saying each of those three lands names!)
12/25 Fly Home to spend Christmas dinner with family


Option 2:
12/26 - Fly down earlier and attend Magic Kingdom on one of it’s busiest days to catch the Christmas things like the parade and fireworks (seems like I can do everything except Space Mountain holiday overlay that would otherwise be at the party just gonna be more crowded)
12/27 - FotH Day 1 as above
12/28 - FotH Day 2 as above
12/29 - Enjoy my hotel (currently CBR) (pool slide for science, maybe the skyliner scavenger hunt?)
12/30 - Foth Day 3 above
12/31 - Epcot NYE
1/1 - Fly Home

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In essence I feel like the pros of the Option 1 are:

  1. Jollywood Nights
  2. Less crowded version and holiday overlay of Space Mountain for MK Christmas
  3. It’s cheaper with the current 35% sale for Disney+ members
  4. I have to work during the day a couple of days making for some long days with parties until 12am
  5. Flights have to be at worse hours so I can work day I leave and spend time with family on Christmas
  6. Don’t get to spend NYE in the parks doing something fancy (but on the other hand am I actually gonna hate this cuz of the crowds?)

Option 2 Pros:

  1. Don’t have to take vacation days
  2. Don’t have to work while in Disney
  3. Can prepare for Christmas
  4. NYE in Epcot (Is this a negative)
  5. No Jollywood Nights
  6. More Crowds
  7. More expensive
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I voted for #1 bc then you have a full week off when you return and holiday stuff is more festive leading up to the holidays than after.


Valid points! Plus the additional fesitivies of Jollywood nights. I mean a Nightmare Before Christmas singalong and a muppets christmas show in the BatB theater…come on. Plus the swinging dance parties such as in HBD and ToT courtyard. That’s probably better than a crowded Epcot for NYE for one little 8 minute special fireworks countdown and DJ’s spinning more modern music (I’d prefer the old time jazz). I’m not really a club girl anymore and I don’t particularly love crowds. It’s just the having to work thing that’s getting in my way I think.


I think if I go option 1 I can save even more money and stay at Pop because there is no time for a hotel day anyway so don’t need a day to explore and eat at the TS and try the slide, etc. That saves another $1K. Still got that skyliner which is really why I chose CBR in the first place. I’m trying to keep this one cheaper because of our already very very expensive Japan trip this summer and next year an expensive Scotland.


It’s done!



Woohoo! I was too late to vote, but I think you made the right choice.

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Awesome! Glad you managed to squeeze every drop of fun out of your PTO!!


I voted too late but you did good!


Always @darkmite2! I live to play and I work hard to play hard! I don’t get people who don’t use their vacation. I get saving it up if you can carry it over for something big but to let it go away is like throwing away the meaning of life to me…aka building memories and experiences.


You were the reason…You did good! I’m very looking forward to Jollywood Nights.

And in this instance you were enabler of actually saving money…that’s the Disney math I’m talking 'bout!!!




We are the same in that regard!

Life is sincerely too short. I see people put off everything for “some day or retirement” that may never happen!

No me, not anymore!


I vote option 1 only because that’s when I’m there :joy:


Any park overlap?

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We plan to spend Christmas Eve at Epcot!


Yay! I hope we can say hi!


100% my reasons too!


Excellent choice! (Can you guess which way I voted? :slight_smile: )


I’ve also found an extra half day so we can fly down earlier on the 19th and we can stop at Disney Springs on the way to hotel. for the tree trail and jock Lindsey’s Christmas bar. And maybe some Christmas present shopping. Anything else Christmasy down there!?