WWYD: 3rd time on FOP or 1st time on NRJ?

I will have an opportunity to get a third FPP for FOP during our trip, but I’d have to choose between that and riding NRJ with the rest of my family (ha!). What would you do? (I’ve never been on either).

If you’ve never been on either and already doing FOP twice, I’d probably give Na’vi a chance. I actually haven’t been on it since June 2017 because I typically only do one day at AK and am not giving up FOP for it (it was ok, but not worth missing FOP). But if I had never done either, I’d give it a shot.


FOP is arguably the best ride in Florida. In the whole world, maybe. I don’t know. I haven’t ridden them all.

For sure after your first ride on FOP you’d kill your own grandmother to get another go on it.

A third time? Hmm. You may not enjoy it quite so much.

NRJ is cruelly underrated I think. It’s a wholly different thing to FOP. It’s POTC or IASW but set in Pandora. Except it’s cleverer than either of those two rides because it uses technology in some pretty ingenious ways.

I had almost exactly your problem this summer. My solution? I FPP’d FOP every time, and I waited in the regular line for NRJ — but I did so at the end of the evening when the wait was only about 30 minutes (the posted wait time was more, but they lie). And I did that twice, too.


Could you arrive early one day and ride Navi then? Otherwise I’d FPP Navi over a third for FOP

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I rode FOP 4x on my 5 day trip earlier this month. It was worth it!

If you haven’t done NRJ it’s worth doing. I’d do that

I agree with the NRJ consensus. FOP is AMAZING, and definitely you’ll want to do it again. That being said, you gotta do NRJ at least once.

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Personally, I like NRJ. No, it’s not as unique as FOP, but I enjoy it nonetheless so would suggest you give it a chance. We’ll likely RD it our next trip since only half our party can/will ride FOP. The plan is to RD NRJ and then FP FOP, with those who want to ride it twice doing so with the magic bands of those who don’t want to ride.


Thanks, all! I think I have figured out how to make our schedule so that I do Navi AND get my third FOP ride by missing the character greeting at the Outpost instead of NRJ. Looking forward to NRJ!

Yes, this is our solution as well.

Again, just back from our trip and I ended up doing 3 FOP rides (awesome) and 1 NRJ ride for the benefit of my son who was not tall enough for FPP. I can say that I would ride FOP 5 or 6 times before I would trade a ride for NRJ. It was fine, but the two don’t compare. Our kids watched Avatar before we left for the trip so my son thought it was fun, but definitely not a favorite or standout for him.

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