WWYD: 2 1/2 day trip

I need help with what parks to do with my DD7 1/2 for a quick trip starting with park hopping on Sat, Sun and 12 day Monday.
Background info:
President’s Day Weekend. Flight to MCO Fri evening and back home Monday evening.
No car and will have to use bus or Minnie Van since DD still need at least a booster. Not sure I want to risk UBER/LYFT yet with her age and size.
1st time ever staying on property and without a car so still trying to wrap my head around logistics. Staying at POP.
I think we’ve ruled out AK. We’ve not been to HS since TSLand opened so that’s a must. We won’t be riding RNRC or TOT, no jedi training. TP showing taking advantage of EMH on Sunday (CL 6) we can do SDD, ASS, TSM, Beauty&Beast, Frozen Sing Along, Little Mermaid, M&G Olaf can be done by 12:00.
But also thinking that if she likes SDD we may go back one evening to ride it with the lights on.

So I have Saturday and Sunday afternoon and Monday am. I am seriously considering just winging it on Monday if I can do half days in MK Sunday afternoon and Saturday (either morning or afternoon)
My other problem is what to FPP if hoping.
At MK we don’t need to ride Space,Splash or Barnstormer. But musts are BTMRR, 7DMT, ETWB, parade
At EP, Soarin and Test Track if possible. Would a Soarin SD FPP be feasible on a Saturday, CL 6 in the afternoon? I am thinking maybe I should do MK am and EP pm on Saturday. So not sure what to do with FP, should I just book one for 7DMT and then look for a Soarin or TT for the afternoon/evening?
Or maybe I should split HS/EP on Sunday and just go full throttle in MK Sat with a break in the early afternoon.
I am not used to the parks closing so early, we typically go as a family over spring break when later closures.

No car and will have to use bus or Minnie Van since DD still need at least a booster. Not sure I want to risk UBER/LYFT yet with her age and size.

Here are the CLs:
Sat : MK:8, EP:6, HS: 6
Sun: MK: 6. EP 6, HS: 6
Mon: MK: 7, EP: 5, HS 7

Any advice? I’ve got a couple of ADR’s scheduled but may drop some of those as I don’t want to waste time watching her eat 3 bites. She does love waffles and is excited for Minnie Waffles!

Thanks for listening to me ramble and for any suggestions!!

So is going to Epcot on a Saturday night in Feb horrible…I am thinking of the stories I have heard about drunk locals…maybe I should do
Sat - MK am, EP pm
Sun- HS am, MK pm
Monday - either MK again or AK EMH

I think I would plan Sat at MK.
Sun am at HS the hop to Epcot (you can use the walking path or Friendship boats to make hopping easier)
Mon- play by ear and go back to whatever park you want or go to AK

That’s a good point, maybe i was thinking that originally as I had an ADR scheduled for Epcot for dinner on Sunday night.
I was just trying to avoid MK on a Saturday if at all possible! But with a short trip may not be able to do that.
Wonder how much I could get done during EMH at HS, DD wants to ride Soarin and TT at Epcot so I am thinking of saving all fast passes for Epcot and just winging HS in the am. Obv being at Epcot in the afternoon I will have to ride standby on something, or hope for a Soarin FP. TT is harder to get so I could get that one and hope for a Soarin after.

These short trips are harder to plan!

I pretty much agree with this plan.

I think it might be optimistic thinking regarding all of the things want to do by noon at DHS, especially without FPPs (which you indicated wanting to save for EP in the PM). B&TB has limited showings, so if that is a must do, the you’ll have to kind of plan your day around it. Frozen also has a limited number of showings, so that should be your second consideration. As for the three TSL rides, you might be able to get two of them done if you’re at the head of the RD pack, but I’m pretty sure you’ll have a good sized line by the time you get to the 3rd. LM is pretty easy to fit in; I can’t comment on lines for Olaf. Is it “doable”? yes. But it will take some careful planning.

I’ve stayed at POP and I found the buses to be very good. Unless I was going for a pre-RD ADR, I would not spend the money on a Minnie Van.

With a full day at MK, using RD and FPPs, you should be able to easily accomplish everything on your list - and possibly a good deal more.

Remember that all of your 3 advance FPPs must all be in one park; you can’t use 1 in one park and then 2 in a different park. Once your 1st 3 are done, then you can try for additional FPPs in any park. For your EP afternoon, assuming that you get everything done in DHS by noon, your first FPP at EP should be around 1:00. You’ll have to choose between TT and Soarin for your Tier 1. As FPPs have to have an hour between them, the earliest you could possibly try for a second Tier 1 FPP would be around 3:00 PM (assuming you start your 3rd FPP right at 3:00. I’ve not been since they added the 3rd Soarin theater and FEA, so I can’t really comment on mid/late afternoon FPP availability.

Well I know TP doesn’t have a lot of data for TSL, but according to the plan I made it’s showing I could get all 3 done potentially by 9am. We would hopefully be at the beginning of the rope drop to get back to TSL quickly. So I am hoping we could be on SDD and off shortly after 8am. Wishful thinking but it may just work! We are flexible so if we don’t hit everything it won’t be the end of the world. Plus I modify my FPP like crazy so I will be trying to modify those 2&3 FPP as soon as I tap in for the first. Unless something has changed and that isn’t happening. I know you could walk your times up once you tapped in for the first one. According to other liners I can make a Tier 1 in one park and then make another Tier 1 in another park after tapping in at first park. Never hopped so cant confirm but that’s what I have been reading here.

Couple of things I might recommend:

  1. Given the projected CL, I would RD Epcot on Sat a.m. and do Soaring immediately, then wait in line for TT. Knock those out first. Then you can easily do Nemo, Crush, Earth, Seeds, Living in 2-2.5 hours. Then maybe head over to Beaches n Cream for a late lunch (they pretend to hate walk-ups, but they don’t) and then busy over to HS. Do the non-essentials.
  2. Sunday, I’d RD the MK until lunch, then take the monorail back to Epcot and have snacks in the World Showcase. Maybe catch a bus late afternoon to AK and do some of the lesser-known, but always awesome experiences, eg planet, safari, dinoland stuff. Could maybe even see the light show?
  3. Monday, RD HS and stay as long as you can in TSL.

Just my two cents, but I’m new here. :slight_smile:

I would do:
Sunday AM - HS like you planned. Maybe plan to spend a little longer there if needed to get all your shows in.
Sunday PM - MK hopefully by the parade; FP the 3 must rides you mentioned

For Saturday, it would depend on what you’re willing to wait in line for. You could RD MK then hop to Epcot and FP either Soarin or TT and wait in line for the other one and 2 tier your other rides there easily. Or if you RD Epcot, you’d have 3 more FP for MK, the parade again, and minor attraction/shows for the rest of the day. Like you said, pretty busy day for MK, so I’d lean towards RD MK and FP at Epcot.

So I purchased EMM for TSL on our last day (Monday). So I am thinking of now just doing HS on that day (we don’t fly out until late and will have DH and DS and inlaws joining us in the afternoon sometime probably at DS), so we could be done with a lot early I think.
Although was thinking about maybe still doing HS on Sunday am to take advantage of the EMH for other things, have to find out if anything else is open that we want to do other than TSL and then hoping earlier to MK for the rest of the day. Or we could go to AK instead of HS for a bit (no FOP, Dino or EE) and then hop to MK.
Saturday I made a reservation at GG for 8:35 (trying to modify to closer to 8). Any ideas if I we could get seated at GG earlier than 8:35am, then we could eat and be in line for Soarin first and then run over to TT or FEA.

Ugh I am so indecisive about this stuff! The short trip is killing me.