WWoHP Touring Plan? 5 Day Park to Park

We are going August 4-9, and have 5 day Park to Park hoppers. I was wondering if we should do the WWoHP 2 day tours, and then the Regular 2 Park 2 day tours?
Also, the crowd levels posted are all 9 except for Sunday which is 7… WWoHP on the lower level crowd Sunday?

Any thoughts? THANK YOU!

Will you have express passes? I ask because if you do, I don’t really think you need a touring plan.

No express passes :confused:

Well, you should have no trouble getting through everything. We did 4 days, park to park, no express passes, and got through everything (sometimes two or three times) and left the parks by 3:00 in the afternoon each day.

Granted, we were there when it wasn’t as busy. But you have an extra day, plus the option to stay beyond 3:00! :slight_smile:

Touring Plans are not necessary (I quickly abandoned using the Touring Plan and switched to using the Universal App for lines predictions since it was more accurate.)

:grinning: GREAT! Thanks so much, can’t wait to go!!!

Agree. Even without express passes you should be able to get everything done with that many days. You could make a TP, but I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary.

I agree with @Dreamer, but would add that if you want even more peace of mind, make touring plans even if you don’t actually follow them. I find them to be helpful in letting me know which parts of the parks get more crowded at what times. Then I can decide what I might want to avoid when. I neurotically make TPs and then totally disregard them when at Universal.


Totally was going to do just that!
The book suggests following the two day park to park plan, then following the WWoHP but the crowd calendar says our first day on Sunday is at 7, and the rest of the trip is 9…
Any thoughts? We are unabashedly geeked-out HP fans…

You are speaking my language! My thought is this. Since you already know that you will have ample time to see everything you want to see over the course of five days, if you think that you are going to want to see Harry Potter more than anything, I would go there on your first day. Honestly, if I know that Diagon Alley is across the park and I haven’t been there, I can’t stop thinking about it. I start pretty much every trip with Harry Potter. I don’t think that the lines will be all that much different between a level 7 and a level 9, and if you can get an early start, and are there until close, ideally taking a break in the middle of the day when it is most crowded, you will avoid some of the crowds anyway. The Harry Potter areas get extremely congested, so what little crowd difference there may be might be more noticeable in those areas.

Great advice! With other family, so Harry Potter is a first-day-must now, and the rest can do their thing.

Thanks again!

No problem! Have an amazing trip!