WWOHP spoilers for books?

We are going to UOR in May. My DS13 has read all the HP books, but my DDs 8 & 11 haven’t read them all. I was going to let them read the first 3 books before we go. Does that get them far enough that there won’t be any big spoilers for the later books on our trip? Or do I need to let them keep going? I’m such a tyrant - I want them to enjoy them slowly the way we had to when the books came out once a year, but I want them to experience the books first before the movies or WWOHP.


The events in the rides are all kind of parallel to events in the books. If you know the books and movies, it enriches the rides. But the rides don’t really “spoil” anything major.


Being more specific:

  • Escape from Gringotts takes place during book 7, but I don’t consider what happens to be a “spoiler” unless you don’t want them to have any idea what happens in that book. (It’s in the bank vault where they get the cup from Bellatrix’s vault).

  • Forbidden Journey takes place kind of around book 2. All I remember is quidditch and spiders and trying not to vomit.

  • Hagrid’s takes place in a timeless space where Hagrid is teaching about care of magical creatures. It includes elements like the motorcycle and creatures that appear in the books, but does not touch on actual plot points.

  • The Hippogriff coaster has no story elements.

  • The Hogwarts Express has elements from all the books (dementors, chocolate frogs, death eaters) but no actual plot points.

  • Ollivander’s is pretty much verbatim from book 1.


Strongly disagree

If you weren’t paying attention to Hagrid during his first care of magic creatures class in Book 3, then you’ve got no business riding on Buckbeak and he may well tear your arm to shreds on the incline :crazy_face:




I stand corrected. (With a broken arm)


I think reading to to book 3 covers pretty much everything apart from Escape From Gringotts.

Even then Gringotts isn’t really spoilerish*, but would maybe leave people wondering who some of the characters were.

*I’m trying to remember, is it very clear to someone who hasn’t read the books/seen the movies that it’s actually Voldemort??
If so, then perhaps it’s a bit spoilery for book 4 in that he has form :thinking:
If he’s just ‘generic bad guy’ in the ride, then him taking form when reading the book could still be a big reveal.


This is a good example of what I mean. There are characters and events that take place in the books, but you don’t find out who dies, who wins, etc. Voldemort is pretty big in pop culture and I’d be surprised if someone didn’t know who he is, but that’s about the extent of the spoilers.


Thanks all! This is very helpful.

My DH will be the one trying not to vomit on this ride. :joy:

DD11 is very unhappy with me making her stop at book 3 for now. I may let her go on, but with school and all I don’t want her too preoccupied with HP. I am planning on us watching the first 3 movies before we go as well, since I know the movies really come to life in the land!


Having never read any of the books, but going on all the rides but Hippogriff last summer, I couldn’t tell you a single iota of what the plots were. I don’t think I have an idea what happened in any of the books or movies! The rides were just awesome. They all just happened so quickly and such amazing effects. I don’t think I was paying any attention to a story.


Moaning Myrtle is heard in the bathrooms in WWOHP. Not a spoiler since it’s Chamber of Secrets, but a fun Easter Egg!


First three books is good, the idea that Gringotts is established early so they won’t miss that. Just say some of the rides are a preview for later books. :wink: