Wrong arrival time for touring plan

I created a touring plan for EP for Sept 16 with TT as my first ride with a FFP. Does anyone know why it would have my arrival time at 8:28am with a 40 minute wait? I have FFP @ 9am. There is no EMH on this morning.

What time does the park open?
If you have a FPP at 9AM, with nothing before it and the park opens at 8 (or if you have a PPO breakfast with a 9am open)- then the 40 minute wait - is 32 minutes waiting for your FPP time at 9 - then a 6 min wait for your FPP

Park opens at 9, which is why I am confused that it would give me an 8:28 arrival time. We do not have any PPO reservations.

i figured it out. My CS time was set for 8:30 am which was throwing all the times off.