Wrap Up of a Glorious 30-Day Trip to WDW!

I learned Disney Math from my Liner friends on TP chat :slight_smile:


BTW - I travel solo a lot and the term “justone” is new to me. I love it!


I got to follow along in chat for some of this as well, and thoroughly enjoyed your trip. We are actually getting ready to spend a month in WDW as well, and it was partially inspired by your trip! I’ll be starting my first trip report to chronicle our journey as well. We had originally planned a week long vacation. I am a travel nurse and generally plan to take some downtime in between contracts regardless. I planned to take a month off when this one is up, and we were going to do a week at WDW and then??? And then I saw your chats about spending a month, and said hey, why don’t we just do that lol. It’s myself and DBF, who travels with me and our 2 dogs. We have a rotating cast of friends and family who will pop in and out, and wanted a big, pet friendly space so we have an offsite house rented. I’m glad you enjoyed your time, I enjoyed following along, and thanks for the inspiration!


Oh my gosh I see you on chat all the time in your up all night posts!! Sounds like you are going to have a terrific time and I can’t wait to follow along. Enjoy it all and don’t feel pressure to do everything. Take in the small things you don’t always experience when it is a shorter trip.

Wishing you the best of time on a glorious month long trip!


It comes from what I say when getting on a ride, going to table service, etc…justone and it has sort of stuck.