Soooooo Just joined in the fun here… someone probably posts a thread like this almost daily, but I can’t believe how much stuff there is to read on here! Love it! Now, to learn all those pesky acronyms… (I work in healthcare…my brain is already full of them…)

Can’t wait to get to know y’all! :smile:


Welcome! Please feel free to ask questions, start new threads or jump into any threads that interest you. People are pretty friendly here.

Also, once you’ve posted a few times, the subscribers-only off-topic area will become visible. It’s called La Cava. There are 2 Open Threads each day just for socializing. Come on over if you want to chat!

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For help with all the abbreviations (yes, they are abbreviations, not acronyms, but that pet peeve is beside the point), check out Once you think that you know them all, try the quiz at

Welcome to the Forum!


Welcome to the forum! Once you start reading it will show you the last few days as"new". I changed my default in the beginning ( in settings), to see everything I hadn’t read. It took a lot of time, but it really helped me understand everything here. You can also turn off email notifications (if you plan on checking in here you will se those notications).


So I never even thought about the difference between acronym and abbreviation…and according to
they’re initialisms…Who knew?!



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Welcome! I discovered Touring Plans back in 2003, joined the website in 2007 (it was MUCH different) and have been associating with this group ever since.

One thing you will notice here, @shough035, is that there is very little to no snark. Most of us welcome those questions that we’ve read dozens of times because, believe it or not, we love talking about our favorite place in the World.

There is plenty of combined knowledge here, with decades of collective experience in the parks. Please feel free to use that and NEVER worry about a question you need to ask. Ask away!


Well said, @NeedaTurkeyLeg. :slight_smile:


Hi @shough035! Welcome to Forum!

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Welcome! A friendlier group of people you will never find. :smile:


Welcome! We are pretty cool. Not necessarily humble, but way cool. :slight_smile:


LOL, I’ve been trying to figure out the acronyms since I joined a few days ago too, I get so happy when I decode one that was a big puzzler!


Oops meant abbreviations :wink: Thanks @brklinck for the handy link!


Welcome aboard! Do you have a future trip planned?? Please feel free to boast!!!

Welcome Welcome!!! :slight_smile:

Welcome to our little (big?) family!!!

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