Wow, almost didn't even notice this cost-cutting move

You wouldn’t happen to have a screenshot of that?

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Taken today.


It’s still poor form, and not what I expect from Disney.


No! My first ever Savi’s res is tonight, an hour after park close.

Will Dok’s even still be open at that point? Or do I have to run over and buy the sleeves before hand?


Man, just catching up, but this sucks. Cutting out the carrying case is garbage.


Like I said, I also understand them cutting it if they seriously couldn’t get enough supply, but they need to do something about it to compensate.


The issue, for me, is that a plastic bag is not a carrying case, as Scott Gustin said.

If you want to say it’s “no longer included”, that’s fine (but don’t stay quiet until someone asks, and remove the verbiage from the site). I

If you want to say you’re out of them, that’s also fine. I’d like to see a “make good” effort, but I’m not going to get infuriated given the circumstances right now.

But telling me that a plastic bag “counts as a carrying case“ is where we have a problem.

I see this as no different as no longer including the kyber crystal or blade and charging the same cost. (Well, a little different, because I would demand a viable alternative to be included. The case, however, is pretty sacrificial all things considered. )


Completely agree it is poor form. But I guess that clause in the writing means we can e pect that from Disney :expressionless:


I would stop by Savi’s while the park is open and ask the CMs outside if they have carrying cases. That way you will know and can buy ahead of time.

Good luck!


Thank you!

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From WDW News Today

I’m supposed to be doing this on 1/26. I really hope they have the real cases in stock by then, even with the discount. I’d rather have the quality case!


Every time I read this phrase I see this



Well let’s be clear, it’s NOT a quality case. It’s a nylon sleeve with a foam tube inside. These are the black ones.

The “quality” ones are $50 in dock ondar’s.

I just don’t want you expecting something amazing and then being disappointed.


So, do you think $22 is fair compensation for the carrying case that was provided?

I do, yeah. You can find them on eBay for around $30.

I still don’t really get why the price of the whole thing increased by $20 anyway(the lightsabers were originally $199), given nothing changed since day one, but meh.


Yep. No “thanks for coming” emails, no luggage tags(I was very jealous of some of the 50th anny ones I’ve seen going around, missing approximately 50% of our ride photos from Memory Maker(I do have a cool random pic of an empty Splash Mountain car for some reason).

But here I am already thinking about a Dec 2023 trip…

(if anyone wants to borrow a light saber sleeve for their trip, I have 3)


What do I not know? I got this email 2 weeks before an upcoming trip

We can’t wait to welcome you home at WALT DISNEY WORLD Resort!

We’re talkin about the one you get after a trip.

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ooooohhhhhh, all I get is a survey link after… is that the new norm?