Wouldya like to critique my plan? (especially re: transportation)

I’m pretty pleased with what we’ve got for ADRs (yes, even Tony’s) and Fastpasses (if you notice some days seem to have more fastpasses than allowed–that’s because only one of us will be riding), and how much time in each park.

What I’m not sure about, because I haven’t been to WDW for so long and have never stayed at the Beach Club before, is transportation. Can you take a look to see if I’ve been realistic about travel/security/admission line times?

I didn’t include our arrival day because we’re not going into the parks–our flight lands at 4:45, we’ll probably take our own bags on the Magical Express, and we have a dinner reservation at Trattoria al Forno at 8.

Edited to add–we’re two middle-aged adults.

My only concern travel wise is your Disney Springs plan. To get to DS you will have to go to BC and then take a bus (unless you Lyft from the front of EP). To go to HS after you eat you will need to go to a resort and transfer.

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Thanks–I think our plan is to bus to and from BC. We may not have left enough time between our meal and HS, but it would be okay if we only had time for a quick hop onto SDD before we go to Fantasmic–I think we’d have time for Muppets on Friday. We will probably want to swing by our room at some point either before or after DS to get jackets.

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My concern would be that hour travel time to HS. I would bus to Swan/Dolphin and then with the construction on the path, take the boat from there.

Oh, that’s a good idea! It didn’t occur to me that Swan/Dolphin would be a shorter travel time to HS than BC. And it’d be okay if it took longer than an hour (it might also take longer than an hour to eat), as long as we’re into HS by like 6:45.

Do we know whether the boat is running again? I know it was down for a while. We’re always okay with walking, too.

Yes, the boat is running. I love the walk but when I saw the construction zone in front of HS last week I took the boat.

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Ah, thank you! I have been fuzzy about whether taking the boat bypasses the construction issues. We’ll be sure to take it on Friday, too, then.

Do Minnie Vans go from Disney Springs to the parks? (asking because we may have to do this from DS to MK next week)

Yes, if you can get a mini van they do travel there:

Do remember you can always take a bus to a MK area park and get to MK that way too. Contemporary is obviously the best choice as you can walk, but GF, Poly or even Wilderness Lodge are also reasonable options as you can just hop a boat/monorail to get to the MK. Now of course if you’re contemplating the mini van because your schedule is so tight, then it may make sense to pay for the trip…

Yes, it’s a timing issue. And I like the fact that a minnie van gets you right to the gate at MK vs a regular lyft or uber. But, it is always good to have a plan b and c!

That’s why we’re thinking about using one before the Christmas party, too–
I was planning to wear a dress and wanted to minimize walking time in my non-running shoes a little.

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As a not very tech-savvy person, I’m curious what you used to put your schedule together. It’s awesome! I like the overlapping boxes.
Don’t have any plan feedback for you though, sorry :frowning: Taking my first trip next month!!

It’s just Google Calendar. (Which is why you also see the reminders about the mortgage payment and milk delivery!) I didn’t tell it to overlap the boxes, that’s just how it handled what I put in.

Oh! Nice :slight_smile: Never used it, but I am definitely trying it out! Thanks!