Would you rather

CBR, POR or another 5 person room?

Thinking we need an extra bed for our mnsshp weekend in oct… Me, dh, ds5, ds1 and now my mom… Ds1 too big for pack and play! We won’t be staying long… Fri party and sat will be pool day or lazy park day. Will prob take bus to party. We have loved AoA LM (for years!) and most recently WL!! Have done POR and POP but not too impressed :grin: (don’t kill me POR/pop lovers!)
Maybe a deluxe but will need fl resident discounts for sure!
Any ideas are welcomed!!! Thanks!

I would choose CBR, mainly because the rooms are bigger than the other moderates. Extra space is always great! My kids loved the pool and I liked the resort the best between POR, CSR, and CBR for some reason. So quiet!

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Perfect… That’s exactly what I wanted to hear :wink: thanks!

I’d pick POR. It is my favorite moderate.

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CBR, most of the rooms are newly renovated, and POR has some of he most notorious bus service on property.

I like the idea of “newer” rooms… I think that had a lot to do with us loving AoA… We had an old dingy room at Pop once and were totally grossed out! Think I might try CBR(unless I can talk dh into something crazy like poly!) … It will be great no matter what… We’ll be at disney after all!

Two rooms at All Stars??

Thinking a mod or more… With the exception of AoA… Pool this year is much more important now that ds is 5 :slight_smile: slides are in!