Would You Rather - AK or HS

Heading Home for solo trip #2 of the year on Saturday!

I have limited time on Monday morning to spend in a park.
I can go to either Hollywood Studios (which opens at 9) or Animal Kingdom (which has EMH and opens at 8). Either way I need to leave by 11am.

Would you rather spend your morning at Hollywood, knowing you’ll only have 2 hours, or go to Animal Kingdom to get that extra hour, knowing that a lot of that time will be eaten up in the walking around?

I had planned on doing Early Morning Magic - Toy Story Land but mom guilt had me cancel it and now I have regrets.

I’m already doing MNSSHP on Tuesday night so I don’t want to go back to MK and I have two days at Epcot so don’t want to go back there either.

Did not read. Answer is always AK


Wow! What a tough choice. I’d go with AK, just because of the extra time. Personally, I’d prefer DHS, but you’ll spend a third of the time just getting to one area of that park. If you still had EMM at DHS that would make this an easy choice!! GL and safe travels!!

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If I were solo, I think AK would be more fun to explore and do things at my own pace. Wander the trails, try out the animation class, jump on a safari. I would save HS to share with someone else so I could point out little movie touches and have a partner for the rides/shows.


Another vote for AK

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Thanks all - My gut was saying AK too but I needed the TP experts to validate my thinking. heh

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You would get more accomplished at AK. But, visiting HS before the madness is something to consider. I would pick AK any day of the week but its because I love animals and a natural environment. HS has its benefits, just dont know if it can be found in a couple hours…

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Fast Pass selection for AK is all afternoon times, except for shows…
I have never done a park without a plan. :flushed:
I am thinking rope drop for FOP, catch the 9:01 FP drop and try to ride it twice before I have to leave. SR over at Everest and maybe ride Dinosaur while I’m over there.


AK–best park in WDW


Animal Kingdom has my heart so it will always be AK. For my next trip, I had 2 days at MK and gave one of them up for 2 days at AK.

Was able to get back into Early Morning Magic so I’m heading to HS. Can’t resist the extra park time.
Hoping I don’t regret the $85 spent! lol