Would you pay for FP+?

We were at WDW last week and my husband hated almost every minute. He suggested Disney should add another Fast Pass tier that you would have to pay for. We decided we’d pay, maybe, $40 for a party of four. I bet other people would pay even more. The lines for Slinky Dog Dash and FOP were insane. We skipped both and told our boys they can go on them when THEY bring THEIR kids to Disney. :slight_smile:

Isn’t this already being piloted with Club level guests? $50 per day for each person in Club room for minimum of 3 days.

WOW!! Well, good for Disney, then. People will pay it!

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MaxPass at Disney Land is also sort of pay for FP. $10 per day per guest. Yes it does include photos & you can still get the paper FP if you send a runner, but…At $10 it’s certainly a bargain - not sure I’d drop the $50 per for 3 fast passes at Club Level though.

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I wouldn’t.

We plan and never wait more than 20 for anything unless we specifically choose to (ie want to see a standby line)

I’m sorry you had a bad time. Maybe next time we could help you make a better plan? We love that stuff!


For us though, that would be $40 a day. For 2 weeks that’s a hefty amount for booking FPs.

They would have a hard time introducing it at WDW. It would be taking away a major “perk” and repeat guests would complain until Doomsday!

So if it was pay for extra FPs, we probably wouldn’t bother. We stay long enough that we can, for example, plan to got to DHS on 3 separate days to do the two Star Wars rides and the Mickey train ride when it opens, if that’s what it takes. We might book 1 FP and then head off to Universal for WWOHP.


I hope this never happens. If Disney ever offered a pass similar to what Universal has, you can be sure they would charge $75-100/person/day - and there are enough people with apparently unlimited discretionary income that selling them would be no problem. That would leave those or us who have to save up for a trip and try to put a little bit extra aside for a signature dinner or two stuck in even longer SB lines.


Not likely.

I’ve found that with some planning we do great. I think the longest we’ve ever waited was 45 minutes. And that was on purpose.

It is a lot of work though. Lots of time to plan ahead and understand how to work the system in your favor. Some people are turned off by that. And I can totally understand that.

There are some excellent Liner TAs that will help too.




We had an okay time; it’s amazing how much you learn about your relationship during vacations! I’m thinking of going back to WDW by myself next year. Then I can immerse myself in the experience as much as I want.

Speaking of seeing a standby queue, I was amazed by the one for Toy Story Mania. So much to look at and interact with! I have two “tween” boys, one with ADD, and they were entertained the entire wait (the queue for Peter Pan’s Flight came in second in “waiting entertainment design”). Disney should invest in redesigning many of their queue areas.


If the hypothetical is an unlimited FP+ similar to Universal, then I think $40 for a party of 4 is far undershooting it. Universal charges ~100 per day per person. Even their single use pass is ~40 per person.

I’d probably do it at Disney, but I hope it doesn’t come to that. I was pretty frustrated on our first day on our first trip too, so I get it. It’s nothing like the commercials.


Peter Pan is one of those “waited longer on purpose” queues. It’s awesome!


Re: the “unlimited discretionary income” people–that’s another thing altogether! My husband is a physician and a Disney vacation is expensive for US!! We look around and wonder how a lot of the families can afford to go. Thank goodness my mom and grandma taught me how to bargain-shop and bring sandwiches for lunch!


I would pay how they set it up at DL, but not how they have it set up for Club level. I book our initial FPs at 60 days and then grab same day FPs after we use our initial 3 when in the park. Works for us. We never wait more than 20-30 minutes.


When we were at WDW for the first time in April, I kept thinking how much more we could do if it was like maxpass at DL. Not so much the extra charge, but just having it all same day. I get how FPP is good for Disney, as far as staffing between parks and rides ahead of time, I think the maxpass platform is better overall for guests.


I think there will always be people willing to pay to not wait in a line…look how many plaids you see at both sides of the country.

And $40 a day for a family of 4? No way. Disney would charge SO MUCH more.

MaxPass is awesome, but it’s nothing like FP+, in you get what’s available, and don’t get to choose a specific time. But Disneyland and Disney World are two entirely different animals.

And I love them both. Sigh.


There are some options to pay for Fastpasses. Some have already noted the additional FPP available to club level guests at Disney resorts, which also comes with an additional 30 days in advance in which you can make FPP reservations. You can also pay for a VIP tour guide, who can get you to the front of the line for pretty much any attraction in any of the parks. Those are both very expensive options, but I think I’m ok with that, since few enough people use those services that it doesn’t make much of a difference to regular park guests (like me).

SDD and FoP lines can get long, but I’ve ridden both quite a few times in the past year+, since FoP opened, and haven’t had manageable waits. I’ve ridden then 20 times (plus 3 other FoP rides during a Passholder preview, but I won’t count those) and twice waited over 50 minutes for FoP, once because on of the theaters wasn’t working and the other because I got stuck in the wrong line for the tapstiles at rope drop). The other 18 rides, my longest waits were 35 and 27 minutes (both for SDD, without FPP, on my last trip in July).

You’re right, though, that the lines for the newest and most popular attractions can get very long, but one of the things this site offers is strategies for avoiding those waits. Advance planning, persistence, and arriving at parks well before the scheduled opening time are a good start in that regard. For some, that’s more “work” than they want on a vacation. For those folks, there are quite a few Disney travel agents (including a bunch who post on this website) who can help with the planning and do so at no charge.

You can work around those lines, but it does require giving some thought to your priorities ahead of time. If that doesn’t sound appealing to you and you don’t want to pay a couple hundred dollars an hour for Disney tour guides or take advantage of free vacation planning services from many travel agents, then you’re right that you’ll probably have to wait in lines or avoid Disney parks.


I certainly didn’t plan as well as I did when we went in 2016. I went into it this time figuring we wouldn’t get on SDD or FOP. We did make it to rope drop at MK one day and got right on Big Thunder Mtn Railroad and Splash Mountain, which was awesome. I’m definitely going to have my husband avoid Disney parks in the future, although he did like AK. :slight_smile:

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I’ll repeat myself from another posting …

In all the years I’ve been going to the Magic Kingdom it wasn’t until last year that I had to wait in the long queue for Peter Pan. I couldn’t believe what I had been missing!

Hands down a Must Do.