Would you do this?

So here is the situation - I am going to be going to a conference at WDW (on site hotel) and my company is handling the hotel reservation. They are not going to be able to get me my confirmation # to link to MDE until about 5-10 days into my 60 day window.

Would you create a room only hotel reservation with WDW on your own (different resort) for the same dates to take advantage of the 60 + length of stay dates opening up for FPP and then cancel the room once the “real” one is made?




Hah! @profmatt I have been watching your trip planning with interest and was wondering if you’d speak up on my post - I believe you also had a “burner” hotel for a similar reason (to get the FPP window). I can’t see a downside to doing this - I wouldn’t be out any $ b/c of the US cancellation policy. I am not going for any more days than I would have been (although I could probably make my “burner” reservation for a full 14 days but that seems greedy…)


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What I haven’t done is cancel the reservation now that I don’t need it any more. I’m nervous about something going wrong. My refund would only be 40%.

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Agree, book a fake stay.

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DO IT. Book your ADRs too, get others to join in on your room if your company makes you share rooms.


I have worked out a strategy for this that should get the maximum benefit - send me a direct message if you would like to know the details.

Some people will judge you.

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For anything you do, anywhere, ever. Not just WDW-wise.

I’ve pretty much started ignoring people who will judge me.

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I’m judging you for that.


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Yes, but i would book it 10 days prior to the last day you will actually be there. That way your window for your entire trip will open earlier and remember no matter how many days you make the reservation the deposit you have to put down is the same.

Meh. Whatevs.

And that.


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You do you, @profmatt. Makes no difference to me.

Though being judgmental can lead to other health concerns. Or so I’ve read.

Apparently humour doesn’t translate into text, even with appropriate emojies.

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Indeed. :stuck_out_tongue: I apparently have the same trouble…

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Also… someone’s gotta play the straight girl.

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Ugh. I think working out ways to beat the system like this would take a mathematician!

I used to be good at math. (Became an engineer, after all.) But in my old(ish) age, figuring out when you can actually get FPPs and ADRs is proving too much for me!

So, in a couple years, when the time comes for me to plan my FPPs, I’m going to have @profmatt do it for me. :slight_smile:

Actually, perhaps it could be a side business. Charge people to do their planning for them in the most convoluted way possible!

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