Would you change to this new offering?


I would have to drop one of the following ADRs:

Monsieur Paul
Flying Fish
Cali Grill

Yes! That looks amazing and I know you love Jiko. The cost is good too, way better than that $199 rip off at CRT! I have only been to Cali Grill from your list, so no help there.

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That is awesome. I would do it. I love Jiko and the cost is actually reasonable.
And like @Wahoohokie I have only been to CG so I can’t help there.

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Haven’t been to any of them, but I would drop Cali. That seems to get the most “hit or miss” reviews. Everyone else seems pretty consistent.

I would drop Monsieur Paul for this!!! Have you eaten there before?

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I like Jiko, this looks awesome. Also seems like a limited time offer. All your other choices are good as well, but you can always do whichever you drop next time you are there. The only one I have not been to is Narcoossee.

Wow. This is tough.
I’d drop Flying Fish (didn’t have a great experience there). You & I are both from seafood heaven, New England. So, either that or Narcoosee for the drop. You can have excellent seafood at home.

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Can I use my DDP credits for this?

A little more info:

Night one is at GFV. We are arriving at MCO around 1:00pm. We have never stayed at GF and we are planning maybe our MK FPs and then a night resort focused. We have Narcooses that night and GFC for breakfast before we check out and go on the Dream for 4 nights.

On Friday we leave the Dream and check into BLT. We have never stayed at the CR or BLT and this may be the only time. Monsieur Paul’s is scheduled for that night. There were a few reports on the forum that added to my list. I have never tried it. My son has always wanted to try it and the plan is to eat light. It is a 5:30 ADR and we have a 10:15 at Raglan later for drinks and app. I do not know if I will have park tickets next February during our next stay. Raglan is nonnegotiable and I am afraid to move Jiko to earlier but I think I could do it at 4:30?

We have Homecoming brunch the next morning (brunch is new) at 10:00 and Flying Fish at 5:00. We haven’t been to Flying Fish since the menu changed. We will do HS FPs that night and I am hoping for HS DAH, but who knows?

We have the Wave for breakfast (new) the next day and the plan for our last night is Cali Grill 7:45 ADR and Top of the World after. CG is not a favorite but my son’s girlfriend wants to try it, and we are staying at BLT.

The last morning we are going to Kona. I will admit I booked it after a discussion on the open forum about pancakes…yes, I have been dreaming of pineapple, macadamia nut pancakes ever since…

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My guess would be they may allow you but Jiko is two credits.

You take that back right now.

Aneira and I loved Monsieur Paul; but that Jiko meal sounds awesome, too. Very hard choice to make.


To qyote you from another thread–
My answer is Jiko-always Jiko!

I would think for you this would be an easy decision.
And I am loving your upcoming dining choices.

I thought they were perfect…and then this happened!

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YES! $65 seems like a bargain!

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Oh and I would drop Narcoosee

That’s what I thought too!! (relatively, of course, since this is Disney).

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For Jiko-level food, AND a show of sorts, that’s a bargain even offsite IMO
(but don’t tell Disney!)


I´ve got Jiko booked for 6th July already, I can´t wait now, this looks amazing. Do we have to let them know in advance we want this or just ask on the night?

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When I went through the link and looked at times, each day I picked only showed me times between 7:00-8:00.