Would this work?

Can you leave items with bell services in a hotel if you’re not staying there?

I have two scenarios.

First, I’m having dinner at V&A at the GF. My plan is to take my suit to the hotel in the morning, leave it at the hotel, and pick it up to change later in the day when it’s time for dinner. I assume this is not going to cause any objections.

Second, I’ve booked myself into the Contemporary for my last night. One reason for this is that it makes it easier on my last day to have my bags on property. I can have a half-day in the park and go straight to MCO from there. The problem with the house I’m staying in is that it’s on the opposite side of town to the airport. So if I stayed my last night in the house, I’d have to take an Uber from MK to the house to pick up my bags (travelling east) and then from MK to MCO (travelling west). Last year that seemed like too much hassle, so I didn’t bother and spent the last day in the house. Which seems a waste.

Now I’m having brunch at the Contemporary the day before I leave. Could I take my suitcases to bell services that morning without a reservation, and pick them up the following afternoon?

You see if I could, I’m tempted to cancel my Contemporary reservation. I was looking at my accounts and it’s insanely expensive. Especially for one night when I’m really not going to get that much value from it. I’m not even planning on watching the fireworks from the room.

I don’t know about Disney, but I know it would work at a “normal” hotel.

You can check bags without a reservation - I don’t know about the overnight. Probably?? But you could always just Uber to Contemporary on your departure day and leave your bags with bell services until you are ready to leave for your flight.

I had Kingdom strollers deliver a stroller to contemporary (delivery and pickup) and I wasn’t staying there. Had CM first day, and just dropped off last day (though we did valet there). Kingdom delivers their strollers night before I think.