Would QS dining plan be worth it in this case?

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This is a first time Disney for us. We have 3 over 18 adults, 2 13 year olds, and a 4 year old. We will be eating breakfast at BOG at MK. I calculated it out and we would probably order 3 adult and 3 kid meals at BOG totally about $120-$130 with the new prices just for that breakfast. Staying onsite

Question 1) With the kid’s ages, could we do 3 adults and 3 kids meals still on the dining plan or would they consider us as 5 adults and one kid and charge for that on the dining plan? If we could do the first option, we would pay only slightly more for a one day QS plan for all.

Question 2) Even if we just got the dining plan for one day can we use the credits and resort refill mugs multiple days? Stay onsite 3 nights, one MK day, one Epcot day, and one late checkout morning to pack/enjoy resort.

Question 3) Can you add on the dining plan if you already have reservations set? How do you do this on the website - having trouble finding it?

Trying to find out if this is worth it since the prices of BOG increased to $24 for adult meals and $14 for kids and we have a party of 6.


Let me try to answer your questions:

  1. You can add the dining plan as long as your stay more than 3 days away. You need to call Disney to add the dining plan. If you have a room only reservation the dining plan changes your reservation to a package and they would cancel your room only and book you as a package- cancellation and payment deadlines then change.

  2. You must book the dining plan for everyone on the reservation and it must be for the length of stay. Since you are staying three nights you will have to purchase the fining plan for three nights: five adults one child. You will get a total of 18 counter service credits to be used from checkin day to check out day. 1.Counter service credits are interchangeable so although you could get more child meals you will lose value. You would not be forced to use 6 credits. You could get 4 adult breakfasts at BOG and use your other credits somewhere else. You can split CS meals.

We ended up getting the QS dining plan added on because of both the price that BOG was going to cost us with it’s price increase from when we originally booked and also because although there are 6 of us, to make the reservation we just put 5 of us on there and bought the extra ticket for the other.

So I think with BOG breakfast costing at least $150 of the $585, and getting a total of 30 meals and 15 snacks for 6 of us over 3 nights, 2 days in the parks is going to be worth it.

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If you go to Disney Spring, Wolfgang Puck Express is a counter service restaurant that seems more like a table service. You order your food but they bring it to your table on real plates (like BOG). Plus the food is very good!

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