Would love some input on AK TP!

Here is the plan…

I keep optimizing it and it keeps moving Primeval Whirl and Dinosaur to rope drop. From what I have read, we would be nuts not to do Navi at rope drop, right?

Thanks for your input!

I do not believe that NRJ time.

Switch them to what you think would be better, and then use the option to evaluate.

The software might be incorrect, but it might also be recognizing a walking time + Attraction queue wait time pattern that would allow you to do Primevil W and Dinosaur before NRJ, which would make your plan of attractions/walking/rests work out better according to the criteria provided.

It could be incorrect, but I’ve seen it outsmart conventional wisdom before, and it’s cool as heck when it does.

RD navi, and FP fop. Move them in the TP to where you want them and use evaluate button.

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@cervonil Today was my 60 day mark! Fastpass selection day YAY! didn’t go so well for me… I was ready at 7 am EST and FOP FP was gone!!! non left, not for my entire trip!!! I got so dissapointed that FP were already distributed before my 60 day mark… I wonder how it’s done… called disney and they told me that they had non available, but to keep trying…

Has anyone had this kind of experience?

Don’t worry, just RD FOP. Try to get up early and get to the park at least one hour early. You’ll get on! Did you get a FP for Navi then? If not hop over to navi after. It will be a bummer getting up super early but it’s doable. Grab an uber if our don’t want to take a chance waiting for the busses.