Would it be crazy to do 4 park magic during the day and then do HHN at night?

Here’s the deal: 9/7-9/11
Cabana Bay has AP rate for $145
Delta has a flight with good times (late Thursday evening flight so no missed work, and 7:50pm flight home so that’s a park day too) for ~$200
4-park magic tickets are valid that weekend.

I’d get the September HHN pass that’s got no blockouts, and do that Friday & Saturday nights probably, maaaybe Sunday, depending on how I felt or the weather the other days. My AP is still valid that weekend, so I’d be able to get in for Stay & Scream, and we’ve always found that Fridays and Saturdays in early Sept. are actually pretty slow.

I’d do MK Friday (yay low pre-MNSSHP crowds), probably AK Saturday and HS Sunday, with Epcot Monday.

I can sleep when I’m dead, right? I mean, I don’t sleep much anyway.


Wow! It’s ambitious, but I bet you could do it!!

Are you going to add UXP to your HHN pass? I found I couldn’t do more than 4 houses, even going to Stay & Scream, in a night without it.

IMHO - It really depends on if you can really stay out late and then get up super early to go over to WDW. It’s a crazy weekend! If this is the last trip before your AP expires and you have the energy & $$$$ then I say do it!!

I’m doing my HHN “outline” right now and I have to remind myself to not start my mornings with EPA too often. Plus, I’m doing better about taking that 1pm - 4pm break in my plans! (Lessons learned from 2022!!)

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So, based on the last few HHNs in mid to early September and last year’s September Disney/HHN trip (9/9-9/16, so very similar timing) I don’t know that I’d really need to do both every day. I think in September we only ever RDed AK, and if I were to do 3 nights of HHN with stay & scream at least 2 times I probably would not close the park more than once. We never waited more than 30 minutes at HHN last year, except for when the houses would be delayed due to flooding.

Then again, with a short cheap trip it could make more sense to do 1 night only and do RIP. Then I’d be less tired at WDW, and maybe have time to pop over and get on VC a time or 2. If a good DVC rental pops up then that would work for sure.


I like the idea of a RIP tour to keep from being out so late.

TBH, if I was just doing one night I’d probably do the 6:30 tour and then close it down, because you get the UXP to use after your tour. But then it would just be one late night, and I’d have the other 2 nights to go see Fantasmic or whatever.

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FWIW, on this recent Universal trip my schedule looked like:
Friday - up at 6am, work from 7am-3pm, drive to airport, land at 9pm. Check in, have a drink and bite to eat in the bar, shower, asleep around 1:00
Saturday - up at 5:30am, Starbucks & check out and at the gate by 7:15. Parks until 2pm, switched hotels, hotel bar until room was ready at 4:30pm, changed clothes, back to parks, back at the hotel, hotel bar until 3am
Sunday - up at 7am to beat the breakfast rush, at the park by 9, stayed until 6, dinner until 9:30ish, back to pack up, in bed around 11pm.
Monday - waiting for my Uber by 3:30am, flight landed at 8:30, went straight to the office until 4:30.

In other words, I’m good with 4-5 hours of sleep, especially if it’s just for a few days. I feel like this trip would have similar timing, though during one of the lowest crowd weeks of the year (which is what that week has been for the last few regular years) I would probably use G+ to make a LL and then go back to sleep for an hour rather than trying to RD anything other than AK.


It sounds like it!

Sounds like you just need a bit of enabling! Go for it! If you wait for “one day” to happen you’ll wish you’d done it. Not only have I adopted the philosophy, “I can sleep when I’m dead” but modified it to, “Why am I waiting?”

I hope to live another 40 years. However, it doesn’t always happen. So many people delay these type of things to “one day” or “when I retire”. Often life throws a lot of chaos and who knows if we even get to have “one day” in the future. As long as you aren’t sacrificing long term planning or putting yourself into debt, then live your best life!

It sounds like a hoot! Plus, you’ll be my “scout” by going about a week before me!


Hoooooly Toledo. You are superwoman.

Sub 8 hours & I’m cranky pants


We decided on a one night HHN almost last minute trip last year. It was behond a “frog strangler” that night. We couldn’t have been more wet by the third house. Wish we had a back up night for sure. It sounds fun but the houses were freezing, especially the sound stages!

The entire Universal portion of our September trip would qualify as frog strangling! The most horrifying parts of the houses were the dangly bits that were totally soaked that would slap you in the face and occasionally hit your mouth. :nauseated_face:


As I mentioned in Uncensored, the casino told me this trip needs to happen by giving me $1170.

Now my big choice is where to stay. AP rate for the 4 nights at Cabana Bay comes to $655… that gives me easy rides home after late nights. 25% off rate at ASM comes to something closer to $680… that gives me early park entry and easier way to get there.

The thing about the benefits to both is that my plan kinda has me thinking I won’t stay past midnight (which isn’t late for me) or RD more than once each. I definitely won’t be having a bunch of resort time, so that’s not a factor. They both have a place to grab a bite to eat in the morning, and that’s really all that matters. I’m less of a morning person, so at the moment I think ASM might be winning by a tiny bit just because I’d rather sleep later than get to bed earlier.

Also, the All Stars, CSR, and Riviera are the only WDW resorts I haven’t stayed at yet, so there’s that.


I often don’t dive into the other daily chats. This is awesome!! Now you HAVE to go!!

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It’s fun! You find out all kinds of tips and things…

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That one’s just ongoing and you can pop in and out without even needing to actually “catch up”… it’s not even really that rowdy. We don’t earn the name most of the time. I ended up making a thread on the main WDW page because I needed value resort advice, and I knew a few of the people I’d get it from never venture in here.

I’ll keep this thread for the HHN part of the TR, so as not to horrify those with delicate sensibilities.


I tried a long time ago, but couldn’t do it. I find a lot of social media to be a place where people complain about life or vent about a terrible tragedy. I don’t have those issues. I find it hard to be like…“My life is swell…Got a raise…no bills…gonna splurge on another trip…” when so many people are having a difficult time. Plus, and I know this is selfish, I feel bad reading everyone’s heartache. So I just avoid the topics. My life isn’t perfect, but when you have it good it’s often best to just keep it to yourself…lol!!


We do complain about life in uncensored and occasionally there’s tragedy but mostly it’s light-hearted complaining about stupid people. We also enable each other’s splurging. A lot.