Worth visiting on first day if arriving late?

I’m flying in on a Monday - will probably be at Universal around 6pm (if all goes well). I bought the 2 day ticket but got 3rd day free.

I have 2 full days dedicated to the 2 parks - should I use my “free day” on the day I arrive or the last day? The last day I was planning on going to Blizzard Beach and then I check into the Disney hotel (have a few days there as well).

So a few hours in evening or few hours in morning first thing? I’m sure if I get to Blizzard Beach after lunch it will be fine.

I think it would depend on the crowds. We got the same deal buy 2 get 3. We used it the last morning - which worked out well as we had early access again to WWOHP. We finished up a few things and then went over to WDW by about noon.

If you are an early riser - I suggest waiting until the end. If you are a late night person and the parks are open late - do the first night.

Have a great time - we LOVED Universal


Depends on park close times which vary from 6 pm to 10 pm. EPA times vary from 7 am- 8 am also so I would use park hours to decide.

Personally, if the park hours would allow the same amount of time in the park for you and your real decision is morning or evening, I would go for evening. I found evening to be a little bit emptier and cooler and Diagon Alley at night is incredible! Plus, during EE, limited attractions are open.

We ended up being the first in line one morning for a visit to Hogwarts and the Forbidden Journey. It was quiet, empty and we could literally take our time walking through the ride queue, checking out the castle. We turned around and rode it again right away! We were also able to take some fantastic photos in that area, which was not yet loaded with people.

Forbidden Journey was AWESOME!!! Liked it better than Gringots - but both are awesome rides