Worrying about the Weather

We have been planning our trip close to a year, and we are finally leaving on Sunday! I checked the weather, and it is showing rain every single day. It is my mom and sisters first time to go, so I am worried that the trip is going to be ruined for them! :sob: Any experience with this?

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It’s Florida, it’s a tropical climate. It rains every day in summer. Usually just an afternoon downpour. Sometimes all day. Poncho up and crack on.


Agree with Miss. Lived in FL for 18 years now, and afternoon showers are usually intense but brief. The bonus is that it keeps folks away, so sometimes we’ve enjoyed fewer crowds on days like that.


Weather forecasting is notoriously difficult. Weather forecasts are often wrong. The weather can change suddenly.

On one day we were driving to UOR from our house in Davenport and there was heavy rain the whole time. I was so depressed. But by the time we go to UOR it had stopped completely.

On a number of occasions it rained but I didn’t notice because I was indoors — often having lunch somewhere. I only realised when I stepped outside and saw puddles.

There were times when it rained when I was outdoors in the parks. One time there was a thunder storm and I just had to find shelter and wait it out. It lasted about an hour. On other occasions the rain was fairly light — sometimes I’d wear a poncho, but other times it wasn’t really necessary: the warm weather dried out my clothes almost as soon as the rain wetted them. And I always wore a wide-brimmed hat.

There were two times (in a total of 18 days over two trips) when it rained all day. Not super-heavy, but it made things less fun than they would otherwise have been. The way you deal with it is to find indoor things to do. And to move briskly from one indoor thing to the next. One time (again at UOR) I “gave up” and went to the cinema.

One ‘trick’ I learned was: make hay while the sun shines. If there’s nice weather and it looks like it’s going to stay nice, get your outdoor stuff done. So then when it does rain, you don’t need to worry about those things and you can get indoor stuff done. Some indoor things require no advance booking – the Hall of Presidents, the American Adventure, the Enchanted Tiki Room, the Carousel of Progress and so on. And hotel lobbies are great places to admire and explore.


How rain impacts your enjoyment really depends on the person. I prefer WDW in the rain. It cools things off. Sometimes it thins out the crowds. And the parks just have a more pleasant feel to me. Unless the rain comes with high winds or lightning Disney rocks on, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on anything.

Of course I prefer rainy weather to sunshine in general. I see some people put on their ponchos in a light mist. Wherever you fall on that spectrum just be prepared. Pop-up showers are pretty common this time of year.

Oh yeah. And I can’t stress this enough. Make sure everybody has a backup pair of shoes just in case.

I just had a look at the week, I think you’ll be OK actually.

Other than Sunday, it looks to be mostly be thunderstorms that’ll be in and out ( https://www.accuweather.com/en/us/orlando-fl/32801/month/328169?view=table). I found accuweather to be pretty good. They spotted a few showers incoming that DarkSky missed back in May when we got some substantial rain almost EVERY day.

See how the expected numbers are far less than even a half-inch? It means there’s no substance to the storm and it may not show up at all. Either way, I think it will have next-to-zero impact on ya.

That said, you want a LITTLE bit of rain…Cools things down a bit as @paulleewatkins mentioned, but the best parts are it also drives the “day trippers” out (as @kdiddy said) so lines and crowds go down and makes the animals in Animal Kingdom become active. :smiley:

As others have said, an afternoon storm is pretty much a given every day in the summer. Typically they don’t last more than an hour or so. Just like anywhere, if there’s a front passing through you could see some rain all day. Personally, I would rather be soaking wet than have to deal with the soul crushing heat/humidity that is Orlando in Jul/August…


Agree with all the replies above.

I’d take a rainy day at Disney over a sunny day at home/work anytime!!!

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Our last trip predicted rain every day. Most days it rained for less than 30 mins, if at all. I wouldn’t worry!