Worried about stay at Boardwalk Inn

We are going to the Boardwalk Inn in July and taking the grandparents with us. They aren’t good walkers because of joint/heart issues. My worry is that there will be too much walking at the Boardwalk? Is this resort a good option for them? They plan on mostly staying at the resort and not doing the parks. I seem to have only come across negative reviews of the Boardwalk. I saw a youtube video review of the Boardwalk that said it’s her least favorite resort because it doesn’t have a quick service dining option. I keep reading too that the walk to the lobby can be ridiculous. Are there exists from the boardwalk other than through the lobby? Are there any positive reviews of the Boardwalk Inn?

The hallways at Boardwalk are reported to be quite endless. That said, there have to be other exits. Think about fire codes :wink:

I’ve never stayed there, but it sure sounds like the designers of it really put the WALK in Boardwalk! :wink:

Really that’s true at a lot of deluxe resorts. Try the walk from the end of the hallway to the lobby at AKL. It’s a LONG walk lol. The Boardwalk bakery acts as the resorts QS option and gets good reviews. Will they using a wheelchair or ecv? I think you’d have the potential for long walks at any resort and all you can really do is include a room request fax explaining the situation and requesting a room closer to the main areas. I see lots of positive reviews of Boardwalk and it is fun in the evenings plus you have lots of good food choices.

It is a big resort - however I am sure you can ask for a room that would minimize walking.

It’s really a lovely resort. If you are worried about the walk to your room from the elevator I would request a room close to the elevators. I have done that by calling The Walt Disney Travel Co and they note it on our reservation, it has been honored every time. Enjoy your trip!

You can also do a request during online check in or send a touring plans fax and add the request for close to lobby