Worried about Magic Band

Several years ago, we purchased 10 day non-expiring park hopper tickets. We know the parks, and can easily do two per day (even 3 on low attendance days.) We only go in September and always have low crowds. We go every 3 years or so.
Anyway… after our last trip in 2014 we still had 6 days left on our tickets. We were talked into putting the days on Magic Bands instead of keeping our paper cards. Now we are worried that when we go this September (3 years later) that the bands will be dead and we will have lost our 6 days. Those 6 days will easily get us through 3 more trips (use 2 days this year (to go to all 4 parks) then 2 days in 2020 and two more days in 2023!) Are we screwed?

Can you see the tickets listed in MDE?

There is virtually no data stored on the MBs themselves; it all resides on massive servers; the MB is merely an encrypted device that allows you to access that data. As long as your tickets show up in your MDE account, you should be able to access them with any activated MB (or via the app or website). If they aren’t showing up in your account, then you will need to call Disney to sort it out.


Ok, thanks!
My Disney account shows the 10 day park hopper, but doesn’t show how many are left. That makes me feel better. I’ll call and verify. Thanks!!