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Hi all looking for opinions on Disnyland vs WDW - I’m planning to go to WDW next June for a 50th birthday trip and am now contemplating going to Disnyland instead. I’ve been to WDW many times and DLR only once many many years ago. I know people from both coasts that do not like the opposites coasts park compared to their own. Admittedly I absolutely love WDW and my wife is worried about it disappointing just because it’s different not because anything would be “wrong”. Who has done both parks ? What are your opinions ? We will be staying on site wherever we choose. If DLR should we plan days at some of the other nearby attractions?

@bswan26 has a great series of blog posts that covers DLR and emphasizes the similarities and differences between it and WDW


I cannot imagine you would be disappointed. Planning for two parks is different but there is so much to enjoy! I am sure that many experienced DL liners will add here- enjoy!

I’m a WDW regular, but have been able to squeeze in a few DLR trips before/after business trips to California. I love them both differently. I definitely recommend you see DLR before the 60th celebration ends. The decor is gorgeous and the nighttime entertainment just blew me away. It’s also nice to do attractions or variants on attractions I haven’t done in years (Mr. Toad), to see the DLR take on rides at both (like Space), and the influences (for example, Matterhorn and EE). Indiana Jones is a super fun ride and also Cars Land has AMAZING theming.

If you have time, head down to San Diego to see the zoo!

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We are WDW regulars who finally made it our to DLR in April 2015. We LOVED it. If we lived closer, that would be our park of choice for several reasons, not the least of which is the weather. We stayed off site at a hotel with a fireworks view and walking distance to the park. It was well under $200 a night for a newly updated room with bunk beds and a free decent breakfast. That is not achievable at WDW.

Thanks for the plug :slight_smile:

I love DL. Definitely a different feel! I think adults enjoy DL more than little kids would so if it is an adults only trip, go to DL.

Thanks guys - I’m starting to lean towards DLR - Bswan great blog - please send any hotel recommendations - I’m going to try to get the wife on board - how many days do we need for DLR ?

Not an adult only trip - DD now 13 - will be 14 when we go - she is my partner in crime - my DW just puts up with all our Disney trips - last time we went it was just DD and myself

At least 4 days. And don’t forget the park hoppers!

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Definately 4 days for a first visit. I know the parks like the back of my hand and can barely get everything done in 3 - and that’s without breaks. And you really need 3 nights to do the PM shows; 1 for WOC, 1 for F!, and one for Paint the Night and FW. All of these are MUST SEE shows.

Can’t help a lot with off-site hotels, but the folks on the DLR chat are awesome for this. If you read my blog, then you know my opinion of Paradise Pier; if you’re going to “splurge” and stay on site, go the extra $100/night for Disneyland Hotel.


I looked at @bswan26’s blog. I read the whole blog and enjoyed every picture. It was outstanding. Thanks for your efforts.

I’m a DLR girl, but I celebrated my 50th at WDW. Love them both and while I’ll be at DLR in Jan & May 2016, I’m already planning a WDW trip for the Princess Marathon Weekend in 2017.

I think experiencing both coasts is great. It’s always good to take a break from the familiar. The 60th is a great time to go - Paint The Night & the Anniversary FW show are awesome. Keep in mind that, like WDW, there’s the Star Wars expansion happening next year. The river attractions & railroad will be down, as well as Fantasmic. But, you should definitely go and have a great time!!

IF you’re staying on property, I’d pick the DL Hotel. The GC is nice & right in the middle of everything, but the rooms are smaller and more expensive.

Have a happy birthday!!

We just got back from spending 9 straight days at DLR after spending 8 days at WDW about six months ago. (We went 17 years without taking a single vacation until about 5 years ago, so, hey!, we’re making up for lost time.) I was therefore able to compare them while each was really fresh in my mind.

I love both resorts. It’s like comparing apples and oranges. Both resorts are awesome for different reasons.

If I had to choose only one resort, I would pick DLR. Everything is within walking distance from the on-site hotels. You can hop back and forth between parks, hotels, and Downtown Disney with relative ease instead of having to drive or wait for transportation. The wait time for the attractions seemed to be much less. Fantasmic! is wonderful on the Rivers of America, as compared to the stadium at DHS. PotC, iasw, and JC are better. The HM has the Hat Box Ghost. Plus they’ve got the Indiana Jones Adventure, Radiator Springs Racers, and the not-to-be-missed Paint the Night Parade. It is much easier to book ADRs – sometimes it’s unnecessary at all. I also love the charm of the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

My DW prefers WDW: She felt that there was more room to move there, so it felt a little more relaxed to her. (Of course, this may be because I take care of all of the advance planning for us.)

If you haven’t had a chance to experience DLR, it is definitely worth the trip – at least once.

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