World showcase to MK, and MNSSHP fireworks show

Heading to Mk/Halloween party after a 2pm lunch at Via Napoli.
Would you walk to the main entrance of Epcot and do the monorail, or bus, or exit through the international gateway to beach club and catch a bus or minnie van? We have FP from 4-5pm.

How is the fireworks/castle show from the train station platform? good viewing?
DD5 isn’t a big fan of the loudness of the fireworks and I could honestly be ok with being in a giant crowd in front of the castle.

I would monorail from Epcot to MK. I haven’t seen the Halloween fireworks show, but if there are castle projections like there are for HEA, you won’t see them at the train station. You might also have to stake that area out just as early as a space in the hub.

I’ve heard the new mnsshp is heavy on projections. Personally being at Via Napoli, I’d maybe walk to Beach Club and catch a bus…I know buses tend to slow down after morning hours, but with MNSSHP, maybe they are more frequent. I could go either way on this one.

Just to be clear you cannot go “direct” from EPCOT to MK … you need to transfer from the EPCOT monorail loop to the MK monorail loop at the TTC (ticket and transportation center)

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yes thank you, I do know that, which Is why I’m questioning whats faster. Also lately I feel like the monorail is unpredictable with timing. Thank you!

Thanks, good info about the projections. I guess we will be staking out a spot with everyone else.