World Showcase Time Management

Hello everyone!

I was wondering how much time is appropriate to spend at each country in the World Showcase. We are two young adults, non-drinkers, with one day to spend in all of Epcot. My customised touring plan has us spending only 10 minutes in each country (because I did not include videos or galleries as we would be a bit short on time).

I’m wondering if this is enough or if we will feel super rushed! Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you :smiley:

I would definitely double that amount of time…You will feel rushed!!! 10 minutes was just enough time to take the kids to the kidcot area and leave. I believe you can add each pavilion twice on your personalized touring plan.

It all depends on what you like to do. Only a few countries have actual attractions, and you might want to take the time to do a few. Some countries have museum-like displays (Mexico and China, for example). All have interesting architecture and shops full of merchandise. For several, it’s very easy to do a quick walk through so you get the idea of what that country is about, maybe in as few as 5 minutes (a very brief look!) each. Then use that extra time to actually do an attraction, whether Frozen Ever After, a movie in China/France/Canada, or the American Adventure. It all depends on what you find interesting, or how much traveling you have done/want to do. If you are short on time and decide to skip some things, hopefully you will get a future trip where you can see/do them. I’ve done World Showcase different ways, depending on the nature of the trip.

We did some countries in less then the 10 minutes and others we spent over 40 minutes in. It really depends on what countries you want to spend more time it. You should be able to adjust the amount of time for any country. Edit that country and increase or decrease the amount of time you feel you would need. Don’t worry if you don’t have it exact, it will work out in the end.

I think it really depends on you and what you’re interested in. If you want to see details of each country (i.e. truly “explore” each country), you will need more time. Some countries don’t really have a tremendous amount of things to see/do other than food/drinks so you could probably just walk through them. For us anyway, we needed far less time in some countries and far more in others.

For us, we spent more time looking around at things and shopping in United Kingdom, France, Japan and China. This is not to say we didn’t spend time in the other countries, it was just we spent more time at each of these then in the other ones but all were interesting and would suggest going to each. Also go with an open mind to try and learn something from each country. I found that helped me to enjoy each country more this time.

Sounds like an echo in here, but it really DOES depend on what you want to do. The American Adventure is one of the best shows in any WDW park; it’s a “must-do” for me. The show itself is 30 min, and if you allow for queuing time, you need to hold most of an hour for it. China, France, and Canada all have enjoyable films; they each run 10-15 min, and you might have that much time to wait for the next showing. Norway, of course, has Frozen Ever After which is either an FPP attraction or a long wait (although it’s in WS, I kind of look at it more like a major FW attraction for planning purposes).

Other than these attractions, it’s really all about eating, drinking, shopping, and looking around. If you’re not eating or drinking, then shopping will be your biggest factor. Some countries’ shops I just walk through , others I can spend 40 min in, and some I just walk past

Many countries have live entertainment (mini “street shows”) on set schedules. You can either watch for a few minutes if you walk by while they’re performing, or you plan your time to specifically see a show.

Wish I could be more specific, but it’s just the nature of WS - and one of the reasons it’s probably my favorite place in WDW - it’s kind of take it as it comes, soak up a bit of atmosphere of where you are, and then move on