World Showcase ?s

Well, I’ve spent most of my planning energy on MK and HS, so I’m at a loss.

DS8 just told me that he is interested in exploring World Showcase. What advice do you have for touring WS with two kids (ages 4&8)?

We will be there during FArts and will likely hop there via Skyliner. Thank you :slight_smile:

Check out the DuckTales adventure (whatever it is called which should be fun. There are also KidCot stations with activities.

Of course, WS also has some music at various places/times. And some rides (Mexico, Norway, France). The China movie as well as Canada Far and Wide are excellent. There is a Beauty and the Beast sing a long in France, as well as a movie about France. Drop into the sweets store in Germany.

Of course, there are plenty of shops and things to see as well.

It is hard to judge how much of it will interest your kids at that age. But Epcot is a full 2+ day park for us. So much to see and do.


Oh. Something else I should mention, as well…probably more for your 8 year old than your 4 year old! to point out and talk about the architectural differences between the different countries. There are placards around that given insight into certain aspects of this as well. For example, in Japan, there is a sign explaining the significance of the building with the “5 roofs”. It shows how cultural/beliefs can impact architecture.


The kidcot stations are open too, with cultural representatives manning them.

Don’t forget some of the entertainment shows, like the lion dancers and Japanese drummers.


I realize this isn’t WS, but the aquarium was a big hit with my kids at that age.


My kids enjoyed touring WS both at 4 and 6, and again recently at 6 and 8, some of their favorites were:

  • the indoor market at the pyramid in Mexico (and GFT is a nice kids ride anyway) - mine loved watching the “smoke” coming out of the volcano and asked if we could eat at the indoor restaurant one day (we never did unfortunately).
  • just watching the trains in Germany for a little while
  • the 360 movie set-up in China or Canada was really cool to them the first time, though they did get a bit restless after 10-15 min (it’s not much longer than that thankfully).
  • shopping in Mitsukoshi, especially for any kids who love Studio Ghibli movies (mine are big fans of Totoro and Kiki’s Delivery Service)
  • watching the squirrels in any area with lots of green (UK and Japan especially)
  • trying new foods: the whole family enjoys tasting snacks in different countries (bakeries in Norway and Germany, gelato in Italy or ice cream in and pastries/crepes in France)

On the final point, maybe also try to timing one of the two big WS rides (Remy and FEA) to be just before/just after a restaurant themed to that country? Akershus in Norway was a big hit with my kids (both for princesses and for the Norwegian food), and it looks like the Creperie could also be fun for kids? Have also heard from others that kids enjoy Biergarten, and can attest that you can never go wrong with Via Napoli pizza (point out the big pizza ovens with mouths to your kids).

Have fun!


when my kids were 4&8, I think the biggest hits in WS were the Mexico pavilion along with the boat ride and the shop in Japan which has toys and other cute stuff :smile:

Additionally we’ve done FEA and just toured the different countries with China, France and UK being probably the most interesting for them.


My girls are about the same age here is what they liked— My kids enjoyed pin trading at the different countries, collecting press pennies when we found them. We went during food and wine abs grabbed a scavenger hunt. They liked the shops and trying food and food booths. We only made it to half the countries, but All that kept them pretty happy.


Let them roam. You never know what they’ll like. Check out the train im Germany and they can run around the Gardens in the UK.


We went with three girls last year (ages 3, 7, 11) and I got them Kid passports where they could stamp each country they visited and they loved that, like a scavenger hunt. They also “had” to try a food from each country (they usually all shared something) and if they completed those tasks they each got a gift from that park within a $ limit we set. THEY ALL LOVED IT.


Definitely just let them roam, together, in each pavilion. Kids we had at Epcot a few years ago - 9, 8 and 5 - found a cool thing in Mexico before you go down into the Marketplace. It was Coco themed, with some way to electronically construct day of the dead characters.

The KidSpots have a free activity which involves each kid doing something. The passports are not free with little actual kid involvement.

If I had time I’d ride the ride if there was one and the wait were small, or watch the movie, and I’d try to get a beverage, food or candy treat and sit somewhere to share and enjoy the treat and bask in the ambiance of the pavilion. Ask what is your favorite part of this place. What looks the most different from home. Similar questions about the treat. Maybe even: where should we take a photo in this country.

We’ve never completed all of World Showcase pavilions in one day. We must wander and muse too much. We tend to open other parks and close Epcot.

Epcot is far and away the fav park among the kids in our extended family. Hope y’all enjoy it.


Only thing I would add is if you are there during any festival do whatever scavenger hunt they have.


During FArts there are places where you can put yourself into famous paintings for a photo there’s an acrobat (they’re called something about gravity), there’s usually an activity where kids can paint or chalk or something on the the sidewalk on a couple of places. I remember there being a food item that involved painting a well.

I saw that this year there’s a Figment food stand with fun, picky kid-friendly dessert items. I’m sure that’s going to be a huge hit with the girls in my group next week.

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I’ve heard that kids love Sergio the juggler in Italy.


Thank you all so much for these ideas! It’s almost a relief to know that I don’t really need to plan anything. We might try to snag Remy or FEA at a drop.

I forgot about this! I need to check the play Disney app to learn more. Thank you!

This is cool! I had no idea. I have never stepped foot in World Showcase

Lion dancers and drummers! Fun :star_struck:

You had excellent suggestions - but this part made me laugh. :rofl: We are Midwesterners and I don’t think my kids have been fascinated by squirrels since they were babies. I think we have at least 10 different squirrels in our yard everyday. They even dig up our plants!

Thank you! This is one that usually has low waits too.

Ohhhh good point! We love pennies

Great advice!!

Love what you did here - especially the little souvenir at the end. This could be fun!

This is a great way to engage with them. We play an animal game a lot where you have to guess the animal that the other person is thinking. I think we will incorporate that into the conversation. “What animals do you think live here?”

I saw this!! We love sweets lol

A JUGGLER!!! I had know idea

Thanks everyone :star_struck:


Quick follow up though. Coming in from international gateway, which direction do you recommend:

  • Clockwise: (UK, Canada, Mexico, etc)
  • Counter-Clockwise: (France, Morocco, Japan)

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Yes! I’ve heard it’s pretty good at EPCOT. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in there.

I will look at this! Thanks!!

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Both? We usually do half of WS one day, and the other half another…so we pick both ways!


Fair enough :slight_smile: We live in Senegal, where they are no squirrels! I guess the better way of phrasing that particular one is that there will certainly be something fascinating to kids that age that they don’t see in their daily lives and that they will love more than you could have possibly predicted, or as another Liner said

Will look forward to hearing about your equivalent of the squirrels!


We live in Minnesota with squirrels and bunnies and ducks abound. I can’t tell you how much time we spent watching squirrels and bunnies and ducks at WDW :joy: So you just never know! The bunnies in Canada were particularly enjoyable.