World Showcase entertainment changes

Looks like huge changes coming to Epcot entertainment. World Showcase Players, Mo Rockin, Off Kilter, and Fife and Drum Corp all reportedly leaving late September. Reports of 4 new acts coming in as well. Traditional music coming to Morocco, Lumberjack-esque chow in Canada, traditional Celtic music in UK,and a Flag Corp in Italy.

A cast member Faceberg friend of mine posted about this overnight. She didn't mention the World Showcase Players, but I guess the same...motivation...would apply to showing them the door as well. She also had no details about the replacements. Do you know if the UK Celtic music would replace the British Revolution?

Only absolutely sourced one I've seen was Off Kilter members posting on FB. THe rest are coming from WDWMagic,

Can't say I'm sorry to see any of it go if it means we get actual traditional stuff in the countries -- was much more upset when they axed Miyuki in Japan.

This could be tragic news. I never could enjoy the British Revolution, as much as i tried, after they replaced the Invasion. The talent level was just not as good, and their performances always left me flat. Off Kilter was able to fill that void with their high energy and excellent musicianship. But now they are leaving? Nooooooo!

Does not mention Revolution leaving.

As with most changes, I have mixed feelings about this. Of the acts departing, I'll only really miss Off Kilter. I never sat down and watched a whole show, but did enjoy their music as I passed through the Canadian pavilion. On the other hand, there were also times when some of the louder musical acts, including Off Kilter, spilled over into the other pavilions across the Lagoon, which isn't ideal for World Showcase.

I wonder if Disney is looking for more sedate acts to try to create a more family friendly atmosphere during Food & Wine? It's strange that they'd change this many different acts at the same time if there wasn't some change in strategy for the type of entertainment they wanted in World Showcase.

October 1 is fiscal year, that's why so many changes happen end of September.

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@TheGraceysButler Makes sense.

My DH will be so sad to hear about Off Kilter. He really enjoyed watching them frowning

Used to LOVE Off Kilter, but the past few times I've gone to see them, they had replaced the bagpipes with a fiddle - just NOT the samr. I never liked MoRockin - even a little, so no sadness about that going away. I AM sorry to see the fifes and drums leaving; a distictly "American" show.

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When do you think they will post the names and times of the new entertainment? I’m planning on attending in Jan and was hoping to catch some of the new and old acts. Trying to firm up my touring plans is difficult without the times…sigh.

The lumberjack show “soft opened” just 2 days ago; I’m guessing it will be a few weeks before it starts showing up on schedules.