World Showcase During Evening

Hello! Is World showcase open/available during the extended evening hours for Deluxe guests? I assumed it was, but then I think someone’s trip report said that it’s not? Thanks! :slight_smile:

What parts of WS? FEA is the last area open at that end, the QS in Mexico was open, and the only thing open in the pavilion was GFT. Remy is open in France but other than some Joffrey Carts, everything else is closed and the path is block after France.

As of right now, the only things open “officially” would be:


I imagine that EVENTUALLY GotG will be added to the list, but that might be a while.

Thank you both. We will be hopping to EPCOT around 3:00 from HS on a Monday, and my plan was to take our time strolling around World Showcase until Harmonious. Hoping to get ILL for Remy around 4:30 and a LL for FEA around 7:30. I’m not sure how many rides we can get on during the extended evening hours - especially if we do watch Harmonious - but hopefully Soarin’, MS, and SE. if GotG is available during those hours, I would imagine most people would go there!

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How do the ride lines work at the start of late EMH? Say a popular ride has a 35 minute posted wait at park close… do they let EMH guests through the LL?

Did not seem to be the case on either our EP or MK night.

For that reason your best bet is to begin with things that will be walk-on (ie NOT 7D) and bang out a few of those, circling back to the biggies about an hour later.

At 11:45 the line for 7D was nuts. We decided to do WTP and LM (and walked to Tomorrowland not realizing PM is not open for EEH) and stopped for the restroom and photos. 30 minutes later at 12:15a there was no queue outside and we waited just 12 mins.

Note: we did HM before that too, and we started late because hub grass and chocolate ice cream with castle views felt right. We did HM at 23:27 and went from there.


Since we are going to go around WS in the evening and end at Mexico, where would be the best viewing location for Harmonious? And, after the show, what would we reasonably be able to ride in the remaining 90 minutes or so?

Position yourself Here:

We allowed the crowd to disperse before heading off and we were able to ride Test Track, Soarin, and Spaceship Earth each with very little wait.

Your main obstacle with EP EEH is the distance between things.