World showcase and picky eater

Any suggestions in world showcase for a picky 12 year old. At MK he basically eats chicken nuggets (not tenders), corn dog nuggets, and might eat good steak. But not hibachi style as it tends to be fatty and doesn’t like soy sauce etc. I would love for adults to get a good meal. I also can’t eat dairy, so pizza would be out. Thinking of maybe grabbing nuggets at a stand and bringing it with us. Would that be ok? Sigh, this kid is gonna he the death of me. But I love him so :wink:

At the QS place in America, you can get Chicken nuggets, etc. American Fare, you know.

My picky eater only does pasta, pizza, grilled cheese, & quesadillas.

My plan is to grab him some pizza from the CS in Italy and then head over to Japan and their CS for me and dd.

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Yeh that’s what we did last time. So boring. Lol. I might just force him to order chicken tenders and churros at la cantina place. That ambience looks cool.

For our DS6, we got him food from there, but got food for everyone else elsewhere.

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Does he do smoothies? I am sure there are smoothie places where that could be the bulk and then maybe a snack later? Esp if it is hot when you are there. Just a thought.

I wish! Man I could pack some nutrition in there. :wink: No smoothies. He’d probably be happy eating popcorn and lemonade though. Thanks for the suggestion!

@cervonil I feel for you, sounds like my son… can be so frustrating. He is now 23 and is still quite picky it is weird as his sister will try anything. When we took the kids when they were younger I had him go through the menus and pick something that he would eat. I found that most places were really good about leaving sauce off or giving him fries etc. Sometimes he would just have a dessert and we would grab him something when we were done at our table service but that only happened once or twice on our trip and we did Table service once a day for our 10 days.

Funny thing is I went to Disneyland in October with friends from Australia and they brought a co worker with them who was even more picky than my son or yours… but she managed to eat the entire time we were there… I was shocked how well it went because I was worried about going to certain restaurants because I didn’t want her to have to pay for a meal that she wouldn’t eat much at. A couple times she ordered off the kids menu and she didn’t get a second look other times she would just ask for pasta with no sauce or sauce on the side etc. It went quite smoothly actually…

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