World of Color- show times in February

I know Disney is famous for changing schedules/canceling shows, etc, but taking that into account, 1)how many World of Color Shows will there be in February? 2) What times will they be? And 3) if there are multiple WOC shows, and you do one of the WOC Fastpass meals at the restaurants, is lunch the early show and dinner the second show? Thanks!

Sometime in mid-Jan/mid-Feb is usually when they do maintenance on WOC so it goes down for refurb could conflict with your dates.

I would expect that it would be weekends only if it is not under refurb (last couple of years with the 60th celebration going on was an exception to that running the 60th Celebration version of it every single night). However, Fantastmic! is also not running until next summer which could impact their decision to make sure WOC is available as nighttime entertainment option to divert crowds, but again it’s very much up in the air. Usually entertainment schedules can take as close to 30 days before to get finalized so it’s a lot of waiting and stalking the entertainment schedule Disneyland posts on their website.

If they do have multiple shows the later one starts 15 min after park close (which I would imagine would be 8 or 9pm around Feb). An earlier show would have to start at least an hour and 15 min before that so around 7 or 8. I think is very unlikely they run multiple shows in Feb as we were there the week leading up to 4th of July and they only had 2 shows scheduled starting from the 3rd of July which was a Sun (not even on Fri/Sat did they have 2 shows scheduled!).

If you do one of the FP meals at the restaurants, you would have to check with the dining reservations what time is the cut off for the early and late shows, but I would think it’s common sense that lunch= early show, dinner = late show as dinner would likely conflict with any early show they would do.

Thank you!! This was really helpful!

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