World of Color refurb?

I thought I heard/read somewhere that in Feb 2015 there were some dates WOC would be shut down for refurb. Anyone know? I can't seem to find it anywhere now. Pretty sure I am not imagining.

Don't recall anything but then again I don't remember last week 😉

I remember now that I think it was someone on DL chat that I said it. I will have to look back in my chats. Thanks @moorparknay15 You always reply so quickly smile

It did close for a few days after Christmas break. They had changed the show for Christmas to a Frozen themed show. It was closed a couple days before this started in the late Fall too, then they closed to change it back and do a little maintenance. It was closed for less than a week if I recall.

There are reports online that it may be shut down from after holiday season (1st week in Jan) until April. An official Disney announcement is likely still going to be a while.

Latest Mouseplanet update lists WOC being dark Jan 7 to Mar 12, 2015.

Thanks @moorparknay15 Is Mouseplanet usually accurate for the dates of refurbs they list? I normally only trust the Disney official announcements. And even those can change I know. LOL

They’re usually accurate, verifies info.

Thanks @moorparknay15!