World of Color - is it scheduled on days park projected to close at 8pm

On Thursday, 10/19, the projected park hours for DCA on touring plans is 9-8, but the projected time for Wolrd of Color is 8.15. I am assuming that is an error. Does World of Color go on days the park closes at 8pm? Similarly, if Fantasmic is back, would it go at DL, if park is projected to close at 9pm?

Second question:

We will have 5 day park hopper, but the 5th day is really a bonus the we could use on either arrival or departure day. Knowing my kids, they will probably opt out on departure day, so wondering if we should head to one of the parks to catch a parade, and potentially World of Color and/or Fantastic (if open).

Arrive at hotel at 3.30, Thur, 10/19.
Option A: head to DCA, activate our passes, catch the estimated 5.30pm Pixar Parade, 6.15 eat at Ariel’s w/included World of Color Fast Past, then see World of Color, estimated time: 8.15 (if indeed there is a showing on a night when the park closes at 8pm).

Option B: head to DL to activate our passes, enter DL, take pics, maybe catch the Tiki room show, and possibly Fantasmic if it is back and showing on a 9pm closure night.

Option C: stay at hotel, chill.

WOC is often at 8:15 when the parks close at 8. Everything else is closed in the park at 8, so when WOC is over everyone will leave the parks. As for F!, who knows what will happen when it comes back. It really is too early to plan for October at DL, we are going at the end of June and the calendar is not available yet.
I would use the extra day on arrival day, so option A or B. Personally we like to go to DL on arrival, but it really is just personal preference.

Thanks. That is helpful. I know that it seems to make sense to head straight to Disneyland, but we won’t have too many late nights at the parks, so this might be the only realistic day to catch World of Color. On arrival day, we will have already missed the parade at DL (scheduled for 3pm), so my thought is to pick the park where the parade is still available AND the show isn’t too late. 8.15pm is doable, especially given my kids will still be on MST.

I might change my mind if Fantasmic comes back!

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