World of Color FP

We are planning to go to DL in December. This will be our 3rd trip. We saw WOC the first time with a dining package from CC and we weren’t too fond of the location. We did it again later in the week with a regular FP and enjoyed that location much more. WOC was dark this last trip. This will be our mothers first trip so we really want to make sure we have a good viewing location for her. Which location is the best? And if you get a FP for one section, is there anyway to trade it for another?

I just got back from DL and saw the new WOC with a CC package. The area was shifted from November '14 to the left, including center stairs. This was great because I was able to stand on the top step and get extra height over the general sections. The shift also helped move the lighting pole away from our sightline. Not sure how to trade passes (unless you find a willing party), but I liked the adjusted spot.

Thank you! I did not like the pole right in the middle of the section. We had FP for the blue section that trip as well (April 2014) and we liked that section much better than the dining package section.