World of Color/Fantasmic! Fastpass while in different park

OK, our family has only 2 days to tour DLR. Our first day we want to do Disneyland, but it is a night that is having Mickey’s Halloween Party. So, the park will close at 7 for us. We are getting park hopper tickets so we can jump over to DCA around 4 and tour there.

My question is, can my family remain in Disneyland while I take the tickets over to DCA in the morning to grab fastpasses for WoC or do they also need to be in DCA?

I know Disneyland says the tickets need to be scanned at the park before they can be used for fastpasses, but does that mean either park or the specific park.

We are also planning on seeing Fantasmic! the second day using the same idea, but in reverse (family in DCA while I run to Disneyland to grab fastpasses).

Note, one solution I thought of is to enter DCA then leave and enter Disneyland so the tickets would be scanned by both parks, but that seems like an overly complicated solution to what could be a simple problem.

Hello! As far as I know you can still do this. The tickets just must be scanned at one of the parks, but then you should be able to hop to the other with everyone’s tickets. Have fun!

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