World of Color Dining Fast Passes

Apologies if this is answered in another thread - I searched and everything I found was at least a year old…

Are the fast passes you get for the WOC dining package the same regardless of where you eat, and when you eat? Or do you get better viewing locations from Carthay than you do from Wine Country or from Ariel’s Grotto?

And I believe that regardless of the above answer, lunch and dinner FPs are the same regardless where you eat (eg lunch at Carthay and dinner at Carthay get you the same FP)

I went years ago to Carthay for lunch and the food was good, the FP excellent, but wondering if anything has changed.


The views for all three are in the center of the WOC viewing area. I believe Ariel’s is closest to the front, not sure about the other two. However, it may be fairly easy to ask to be in a closer dining section by asking a CM? I’ve heard reports of people asking CMs if they could be any closer and being escorted to Ariel’s Grotto dining section.

If there are two shows that night, lunch might meant first show, dinner second show. Usually they don’t really list it though and you have to call the Dining Reservations line up to check.

Also, there is definitely a splash zone at the front, so factor that in (cold/wet/night).

Quick question about the FPs with a meal. Do you get a seated viewing area? We have wanted to go, but standing for the whole show would be difficult for us.

No, FPs with the meal are all standing as well. However, you can go the route of the WOC Dessert Party. We have never done it but from my obsession with all things Disneyland, I have gleaned the below information about the dessert party.

What it includes:

  • A seat for the show, in your very own chair at at table with 1-3 other individuals.

  • A dessert spread which I believe is all you can eat (also cheese and fruit if you don’t have a huge sweet tooth).

  • 2 drinks with a choice from hot chocolate, an alcoholic beverage of some sort and another non-alcoholic choice. I forget what the alcoholic & non-alcoholic ones are but I believe they are some sort of sparkly/bubbly concoction, one with the spirits, one without.

Layout of the section/view of the show: You are clear of any splash/wet zones and far enough back to see the full scale of the “stage” which IMHO is better than being up front and having the show in your face.
There are two rows of tables set up, the front ones being lower, normal sized round tables, the back row being elevated director’s chair level tables putting you above the heads of the people in the front of your section. Plus, the whole dessert party section is elevated from the one immediately in front of it, you have a clear view, even seated at the lower tables in the front.

How it works:
You’ll get seated about 45-60 min before the show to have time to enjoy as much dessert as possible. You’re waited on by a team of servers which lessen their presence but are still available once the show starts.
Once the show does start you’ll be pretty occupied though as the view really is beautiful from this section. (I know this because when we get the free FPs we usually try for the rail that is just behind the dessert party because this is a great view as long as you can get the rail to minimize the number of heads in front of you. With the dessert party being clear of all the head in front of them, they really do get a treat of a view).

What kind of damage will it do go your pocket book: Last I heard the cost was $79/person and there is no kid price or annual passholder discount to alleviate that price tag. Even though the kids pay the same price it’s still a deal for them because they do get a light-up glow with the show cup from what I hear. They normally sell them in the park for $24ish so it kind of evens up the cost of not having a kid price.

In summary: It’s pretty pricey, but if you want a seat for the show and , it’s the way to go.

FWIW, my opinon: The price has not yet been worth it to me, seeing as how you can pull a disconnected FP and not spend a dime. Yes these sections are standing only and require you to spend time getting to the show 45-60 min early with no endless dessert. However, you can sit on the ground while you wait & bring dinner to have a picnic dinner at your spot. We usually do with corn dogs from the nearby Corn dog castle. Or if we already ate, we’ll get ice cream. Also, 15 min before the show, there’s the Fun Wheel Challenge you can play from your phone using the WiFi only availalble on the pier and the winner of each of the rounds gets to control the fun wheel. It’s a great way to get excited to pass the last few minutes before the show starts after you have already finished eating and waiting for the 30-45 min.

Sorry for quite lengthy response to your quick question, but I just wanted to give you a clear idea of the options available. Good luck planning!



This was great! Thanks for the details. I heard rumors about this and we have gone back and forth about WOC, so I haven’t seriously pursued it. I think my 9-year-old would love the all-you-can-eat dessert. And it is a way to pass the time waiting for the show to start. :grinning:

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You’re welcome! If you’ve never seen WOC it’s worth to see once and if the dessert package helps you see it that one time then I would say definitely go for it!

We were just there, and it was great. The waiter kept bringing drinks, no apparent limit but we weren’t pushing it either. There was one dinner plate of desserts per person, a mix of fruit, cheese, and baked goods. We didn’t ask for extras on the desserts, but it was fine for us as dinner.

Tables are definitely tall in the back, but the ones in front are a mix of high and low. They are assigned in order of arrival at the check-in podium, so it can pay to get there early. We arrived only about 15 minutes before they opened the gate (virtual gate) and were almost at the back of the line. We were warned that, as a party of 2, we might have to share a table, but we didn’t in the end. View from our table:

The food was good, not great, and not worth $79 even with booze. You’re paying for the ability to sit comfortably (or reasonably so, in a director’s chair) for about 90 minutes and enjoy a great show with a good view. But it’s probably the only way we would do WoC these days, unless we were in DCA for other reasons and just wanted to catch the music and a glimpse of the show from the back.

We are entering DCA on a Thursday - should we go straight for the FP for WOC first or FB for RSR? We are choosing to end our trip with the WOC show since there is no fireworks at DL :frowning: also, since we will have a FP for WOC, must we arrive 60 minutes early? What if we arrive 20 minutes early?

Most people go to FP for RSR first so I would recommend doing an attraction like Tower of Terror or Toy Story Midway Mania first. We like to start with Toy Story since it’s one of our favorites, doesn’t have a FP and the line once it builds never has a lull the rest of the day. After tackling an attraction or two or three we then head back to grab an RSR FP, then WOC FP on our way to check out Soarin standby.

The only time we do grab an RSR FP first is if we know we will be hopping to DL after lunch and need to ensure or RSR FP is before lunch. In that case either me or my husband will grab the FP while the other waits by the FP exit and then we still all head to TSMM.

If you are flexible to do your RSR FP after 12pm, then you are totally able to go hit an attraction or two or three first, then double back. When we do that, I’m usually playing the waiting game for it to be late enough after our midday break (so like 5-6pm ish).

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This is extremely helpful! Thanks for the detail! We’re going to splurge for the Desert Party. We did it at WDW, and thought it was totally worth it for the unobstructed view.

You’re quite welcome! I just did a read through of my earlier post & we have since done a Dessert Party & I need to call out that it was NOT all you can eat. It was as the later response from scf stated one plate of desserts per person with a mix of fruit, chees and baked goods. It is plenty of food to fill you up, but not the endless dessert spread that WDW seems to offer for its dessert viewing parties.

And my take overall on the experience, including the price, view & food was it was a great splurge for a special occasion (the seat felt so VIP) but definitely not anything I’m rushing back to do (since the FP is free, disconnected & we get a very similar view just minus the chair & desserts, but it’s worth saving the money, for me anyways).

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I just bought my tickets for the Dessert Party March 26th! Thanks for your advice @lolabear_la !!
I’m extremely excited about seeing the World of Color for the first time in VIP seats!!!