Working the TP for efficiency!

Newbie here! I have tried several times using an existing TP for MK- I got 2 of the 3 suggested times for FP. I optimized my plan and all looked good. Then I pretended I was at the park today and it keeps telling me one of the FP (for space mountain) won’t be needed and it has given me 144 min of free time. Can you help me know how to optimize things so that we use our time more effectively? Thanks ahead of time! Could use all your tips and tricks before my January trip!!

Can you publish and post links to your TP you are referring to?

The day of the week can change things up a little. Yesterday I moved my plan by a whole year and it changed even though it’s still for the same date. Different day off the week now, which means a different crowd level. Your crowd levels will probably be hugely different between now and January, which will also change the timing. Isn’t January the quiet time of year?

Yes it is pretty quiet then. Thanks for the onfo

The algorithm takes into account historical data for each day. The exact same attraction line-up may produce very different optimized plans for different days. When optimizing or evaluating, use only the ACTUAL date you will be there.

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I had that happen on one of my days, I figured if we used FP and the SB line was short, we’d just ride it twice

Silly question but how do you find the Stand by lines?

“Standby” is just the term for the “regular” line that you use without an FPP. It’s usually the long one…

Got it thanks😄